Sexy lingerie drawing method diagram

Sexy lingerie drawing method diagram

Sexy lingerie drawing method diagram

Interest underwear is a more popular type of clothing, which is very particular about details and design.For some people who like self -made sex underwear, painting is particularly important.Let ’s analyze the drawing of sexy underwear in detail.

Choose fabrics and parts

Before starting to make sexy underwear, the first thing that needs to be made is to choose the right cloth and parts.Under normal circumstances, the fabric of sexy underwear needs to be soft, smooth, breathable and other characteristics. You can choose materials such as lace, silk, polycatis fiber.In terms of components, you need to pay attention to details such as chest pads, shoulder straps, buttons.

measure size

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The key to making sexy underwear is to accurately measure the size of each part of the body and convert it into specific numbers, so as to tailor a suitable sexy underwear based on your body shape.The parts that are usually required include chest, waist, hip, etc.


Before starting the formal production, you need to draw the design sketches of the sexy underwear.The sketch can make you more clearly understand the underwear style you want to do, and to avoid waste in the production process.At the same time, the sketch can also help you make a budget and understand the required materials and the required costs.

Cut material

After preparing the required parts and fabrics, it is necessary to cut it according to the sketch size.This step needs to be very careful to ensure that the size of the cutting is accurate.

Suture material

Sewing the cut materials are sutured. Usually, the details such as the chest pads and shoulder straps must be fixed on the material before suture.When suture, you need to pay attention to the flatness and fixing of the line trace to avoid loose head head.

Processing details

The design of sexy underwear needs to pay attention to details, which is also one of the differences between it and ordinary underwear.After the sewing is completed, the details need to be processed and cut short to avoid loosening or unevenness.


Add accessory

Sex underwear usually adds some accessories, such as lace edges, ribbons, etc.After the sewing is completed, you need to add these accessories, which can make the underwear more fashionable and tempting.

Adjust the size and style

After the production is completed, you need to put on the underwear and adjust it to see if it is appropriate.If it is not appropriate, the size and style need to be adjusted again to ensure the appropriateness of the underwear.


Making sexy underwear needs to be meticulous and patient, and operates strictly in accordance with the size and style requirements to ensure the quality of the underwear and the comfort of wearing.At the same time, according to your actual needs and body type, it is also vital to choose the right style and materials.