Sexy lingerie flight attendant temptation photo

Sexy lingerie flight attendant temptation photo

Poly sister’s professional characteristics

The stewardess is a well -known professional beauty. Professional, elegant, charming, and grace is their representative characteristics, and it is also the reason for their sexy and beautiful underwear.

Sexy underwear matching points

The material and design of sexy underwear determine whether they can be the role of stewardess, so sexy materials, transparent design and black as the main color are the first choice for many stewardess.

Black temptation

Lace Silk Chemise – 8813

Black is the color that can highlight the body and temperament. Of course, the stainless black stewardess underwear is of course a popular fried chicken. It not only shows the shame and charming of women, but also has the sexy and charm of women.

The sexy charm of stockings

Stockings are an indispensable one in the sexy lingerie of the stewardess. Its principle is to highlight the female legs of women through elastic material and perspective design, making women more sexy and charming. If the underwear and vests are also black and atmospheric.

The unique charm of perspective design

The stewardess’s underwear pays more attention to the perspective design. Their underwear is usually equipped with tulle or transparent materials to show the obscure charm of women’s bodies.

Mix and match with lace and embroidery

Women’s unique charm is often reflected in the details of clothing, and lace and embroidery are commonly used in underwear. Through the mix and match of lace and embroidery, women are charming, vivid and lively.

Missing detail design

The focus of the design of sexy underwear is the processing of details. In the rich detail processing, the small detail design represented by small decorations fully shows the two sides of the stewardess.

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Style that meets different needs

There are many series of sexy underwear. Different classifications such as sexy lace, gorgeous hot, white, fresh to mature innocence are distinguished from the maturity and personality of the stewardess to meet the stewardess underwear of different needs.

The choice of the size and temperament of the underwear

Underwear is not only worn on the muscles, but a temperament. The stewardess needs to choose different styles, size, and underwear vests such as different styles, size, and underwear vests according to their body shape, body proportion, skin color and working nature.


Steamory sexy underwear is not only a fashion, but also a sexy expression. Only by choosing the appropriate sexy underwear can fully show the image of the stewardess and the charm of women.