Sexy lingerie purchase record

Sexy lingerie purchase record


In life, sexy underwear has become a popular fashion, and it makes women feel confident and sexy.However, when buying sexy underwear, many people will have doubts, because different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different figures and temperament.This article will share my experience in buying sexy underwear, hoping to help everyone choose the right sexy underwear.

Choose a brand

First of all, choose a reputable brand, because the brand’s quality is directly related to the quality of the product.I often choose European and American brands in sex underwear, because they have many years of sexy underwear design and production experience, which can ensure the quality and design style of underwear.

Know your body

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It is important to understand your physical condition when buying sexy underwear.Everyone’s body and temperament are different. It may not be suitable for choosing only by their preferences. It is necessary to consider matching with the body.For example, lace underwear is suitable for flat -chest and hips, and tight underwear is suitable for bone -type figure.

choose the color

Color can also reflect personal temperament. When choosing the color, you also need to refer to your skin color and temperament.For example, white or pink underwear is suitable for people with white skin tone, and black or red underwear is suitable for people with darker skin tone.

Choice fabric

For sexy underwear, the fabric must be the first element, because only comfortable fabrics can ensure the comfort and breathability of the underwear.After collecting some brand information, I usually compare it on the fabric to see which one is higher and the warmth is moderate.

Consider occasion and use

When buying sexy underwear, consider wearing occasions and uses.Different occasions need to wear different styles and styles of sexy underwear. For example, you can choose sexy styles when participating in the party, and you usually choose a comfortable style at home.

Learn the existing style

Understanding the popular lingerie style in the market can help you find a style that suits you.Common sexy lingerie styles include bras, sexual clothes, sex bikinis, etc. After understanding these styles, you can better choose the underwear you need.

Lingerie Set

Choose the right size

It is very important to choose the right size. Too small size will make you feel uncomfortable, and too large size cannot reflect your body curve.When selecting the size, it is best to measure your bust, waist and hips, and select the size that suits you according to the brand’s size table.

Taobao information list

Before buying, we can check the information of online merchants such as Taobao or Amazon, and can gain richer knowledge of buying sexy underwear.Before I buy it, I will check the pictures of the product and the evaluation of the buyer on Taobao myself, so that I can better understand the appearance of the underwear and the buyer’s purchase experience.

Try to penetrate the physical store

After confirming the sexy lingerie style and brand that you need to buy, it is recommended to try it in the physical store, so that you can feel the texture and temperament of the underwear more intuitively.At the same time, you can pay attention to the size when trying it on to prevent repairs or even returns due to the purchase error size.

Point of view

The above is the experience I summarized when I buy sexy underwear.All in all, choosing a brand and style suitable for your body and temperament, considering the occasion and use, choosing the color and fabric that suits you, trying it on and choosing a size suitable for you is the key to buying sexy underwear.I hope my experience can help you choose your favorite erotic underwear and show your charm.