Sexy underwear beauty hot dance micro -shot

Sexy underwear beauty hot dance micro -shot

Sexy underwear beauty hot dance micro -shot

Interest underwear is one of the most enthusiastic fashion items for modern women. It can not only meet the sexy needs of the heart, but also show their sexy charm.At the same time, as a new generation of the industry, the beauty dance micro -shooting has attracted the love of more and more audiences by relying on her perfect figure and excellent performance skills.So, how do you combine sexy underwear beauty hot dance micro -shots?Next, let’s find out.

1. What fun underwear is suitable for beautiful women hot dance shooting

There is never an accurate answer to answer this question, because the beauty and character of the beauty are different.However, there are some fun underwear styles that are more popular with beautiful women, such as: hollow design conjoined jackets, sexy vests with low -cut off -cut back, three -point lace, mini skirt and charm stockings.These underwear style design is unique, with outstanding curves, and clear perspective effects, which is the first choice for beautiful women to dance.

2. The importance of material for sexy underwear

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The two most common materials in sexy underwear are sticky fiber and lace. The former pays more attention to fitting and elasticity, while the latter pays more attention to the satin on the lace, which looks better and more comfortable.Of course, some materials can also avoid many embarrassment and problems. For example, some sexy underwear comes with sensitive sensitivity, which can simulate the micro -stimulation of touch and massage.helper.

3. Design method of exaggeration without losing details

In the design of sexy underwear, the grasp of details is of great significance.Too simple and not attractive, too exaggerated, it is very unnatural, and the detailed design that is just right can make the underwear more realistic and sexy.More importantly, the right detail design is also one of the important directions that beauty hot dances must grasp.

Fourth, the combination of popular trends and sexy

With the development of the times, the style of sexy underwear has also changed, and the trend is becoming more obvious.For example, the current underwear is more and more focused on color and brightness. The combination of color and brightness can make the body particularly beautiful and moving under dance lighting; in addition, the style of pop actresses is also worth learning fromPerforming the white hollow and fun underwear worn by MOCHA GIRLS’s "Delikado" is very suitable for beautiful women’s hot dance.

5. How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

First of all, we must cope with your body and temperament, and imitate others according to your own characteristics; second, pay attention to health, not choose underwear with too small size and opaque fabric; in addition, you can consider color and matching, but do not forget your ownTemperament and personality, this is the most important link.

6. The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear is also very important, which is related to the preservation time, nature, and use time of sexy underwear.It is recommended not to clean the underwear with a strong disinfection agent such as drip dew and washing essence, because these disinfectants will become yellow and affect the beauty of the underwear.The correct cleaning method is to use warm water and dry towels for hand -washing, and then dry it naturally in the ventilation.

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Seven, sexual feelings of fun underwear wearable skills

When wearable sexy underwear, you need to follow the following points: First of all, pay attention to the size of the underwear size, do not be too tight; second, avoid tightly tightening, otherwise it will easily affect the health of the body.To a certain extent, physical exercise helps to improve the elasticity and flexibility of the body.

8. The color of the underwear and the matching of shoes

Sweed with underwear is also a focus of consideration.For white erotic underwear, you can choose the same color of high -heeled shoes, and the steel wires of lace and shoes are intertwined. The feeling of composition is quite wonderful.If it is black underwear, black fish mouth high heels or black fine heels, it will also make you particularly confident when the beauty dance is shot.

Nine, the matching of dance posture and sexy underwear

In the beauty dance slightly, different postures with different erotic underwear will bring unexpected results.If you want to try a sexy vest, you can choose the posture of the spine exposed when dancing, making the figure more line -up; if you want to try black tight sex lingerie, you can choose a dance that is like a big dance in the phantom, which reflects charm and sexy sexy.Essence

10. So, how the combination of sexy underwear beauty hot dance micro -shooting is in line with the public’s psychological expectations

All in all, the combination of sexy underwear beauty hot dances is popular at present, attracting the attention of many audiences.Through good wearable skills, color and material selection, the processing method of details, and the posture of the body, it can create the most sexy and charming dance effect.However, while enjoying fashion, it is also impossible to ignore the principles and attention of health and dance.Only on the basis of health can we truly achieve the perfect artistic effect of sexy lingerie beauty hot dance.