Sexy underwear cannot be sold

Sexy underwear cannot be sold

Reasons for cold underwear

As people are gradually open to sexual concepts, sexy underwear, as one of the sexy supplies, should get more sales.However, this is not the case. The sales of sexy underwear have encountered some trouble in some areas.What causes the sales of sexy underwear than expected?Let’s discuss together:

Consumers’ attitude towards sexy underwear

Interest underwear is often regarded as a luxury product because of its sexy traits, and most people are unwilling to spend too much money in this regard.Many people think that the price of sexy underwear is relatively high and it is not very practical in daily life.In addition, some consumers are not sure whether these supplies are in line with their own tastes and identities, which has also become one of the obstacles to consumers buying sexy underwear.

Selection of sexy underwear stores

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In China, the number of interesting underwear stores is small, especially in some areas where religious traditions are more conservative.Therefore, it is difficult for people to find a sexy lingerie style that suits them, and there is no chance to try on and compare.In addition, sexy underwear stores may also be restricted in terms of property and business certificates, which leads to low sales positioning of sexy underwear, which affects the brand’s popularity and reputation.

Sales problem on sex underwear lines

There are more dilemma in online sales of sexy underwear.The first thing that is the problem of logistics. Many sexy underwear needs to protect privacy during packaging and transportation, and this has put forward higher requirements for logistics companies.Other manufacturers will not put sexy underwear to more conservative areas, which allows many potential customers to abandon online purchases.Because of this, online sales are difficult to reach very high sales for sex underwear.

Advertising promotion is not enough

Whether online or offline, advertising is very important.At present, in China, the promotion of many sexy underwear brands needs to be strengthened.Whether in magazines, television programs, or social media, these brands have fewer advertisements, and it is difficult to attract more consumers.

Quality problem of sexy underwear

Interest underwear attracts consumers with its sexy and simple characteristics, but in fact, the quality of sex underwear is not uncommon, and many erotic underwear is returned because of quality problems.Because the material of the sexy underwear is relatively thin, the requirements for the selection of materials are particularly high.If the manufacturer cannot guarantee quality, it will inevitably lead to the loss of trust.

Sales channels are not smooth

At present, it has not become the mainstream sexy underwear sales market, and it is difficult for many consumers to find sex underwear sales channels.Many people are accustomed to buying on -the -sex shops, but these stores are usually located in less convenient areas, or they have been restricted due to their own problems.In order to become more popular in sex underwear brands, the expansion of sales channels is indispensable.


There are many brands and not strong

In the current market products market, the brand of sexy underwear is very rich.But the popularity and appeal of each brand are relatively weak.Therefore, in the existing market environment, in order to win the favor of more consumers, sexy underwear brands must build their own brand reputation through marketing strategies different from other brands.However, the successful brand strategy can not be completed overnight

Influence of gender concept

The consumption of sexy underwear is not simply composed of male and female consumers. Male consumers are more favored by sexy underwear, while female consumers are more cautious.For women, these clothes may be too explicit or sexy, and they think it is more complicated to match.These problems all affect the sales of sexy underwear in women’s groups.

New products are continuously launched

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, products in the field of sexy underwear are constantly updated.Many new products and new technologies are constantly emerging, and these new products need time to promote and accept.During the promotion period, the difficulty of these new products is similar to the sales of sexy underwear before, and consumers need to discover, recognize and pay.


In general, sexy underwear, as a fine product in sex, still needs to improve its own sales strategy.This involves consumers’ awareness of the brand, the guarantee of the manufacturer’s quality, and the expansion of sales channels.Brands also need to break the existing inherent concepts and models, and use more inputs for product development and market propaganda.Only in this way can the field of sexy underwear be better accepted and loved by people.