Sexy underwear Chinese brand is better

Sexy underwear Chinese brand is better

brand introduction

In the market, there are many fun underwear brands, such as Boai Red Silk, BYD, Koucla and so on.However, this article mainly introduces the three brands of the best performance in the Chinese market -happy stockings, MOGUs and Bresna, which are leading positions in sexy underwear design, quality and market recognition.

Pleasant stockings

Founded in 2000, Joying Stockings is a brand focusing on designing and making women’s sexy lingerie.The brand’s underwear design is fashionable and sexy, which not only highlights the beautiful curve of women, but also takes into account users’ comfort and health needs.The material of pleasant stockings is made of high -quality fashion linen or nylon gauze. After several dyeing treatment, the color is bright and long -lasting.In terms of performance, pleasant stockings have high strength and designed chest pads for pectoral muscles, making the tops rich in shape; warm pantyhose and socks, whether they are pursuing fashion or in daily life, are indispensableThe product.


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Founded in 2010, MOGU is a sexy underwear brand that has enjoyed a good reputation in the Chinese market.The design of MOGU is based on female classic beauty. It uses high -quality fabrics, which is comfortable with the effect, making the wearer feel confident, beautiful and sexy.At the same time, the brand absorbs 22 data of different types of skin types and adjusts color and chroma to ensure the comfort and unity of the appearance and color effect when different women wear the same sexy underwear.


Bresna was established in 2008 and is a brand focusing on female sexy underwear.Investors will refine the brand’s refined management of a large number of human resources and capital, so that the brand’s design, manufacturing, marketing, and after -sales service are at the forefront of the domestic industry.The default concept of Bresna is the interpretation of attractiveness and feminine charm. By in -depth grasping international trend pulse and cultural characteristics, combining domestic women’s body characteristics, designing unique, high -quality, stylish and sexy sexy underwear.

Market performance comparison

In terms of market performance, Jewen stockings and Bresna each account for 36%of the market share, while MOGUs occupy 28%of the market share.Happy stockings and Bresna have physical stores in a number of provinces and cities. With the operation of the year, MOGU has opened a domestic e -commerce platform.

Cost -effective comparison

In terms of cost -effectiveness, pleasant stockings are widely recognized by users with their high -quality fabrics and excellent performance. The price ranges from 50 yuan to 300 yuan; Bresna is the best quality, but the price is the highest, and the price ranges from 299 yuan to 999 yuan;MOGU performed well in terms of cost -effectiveness, and the price was between the pleasant stockings and Bresna. The price of popular products was between 70 yuan and 400 yuan.

Market reputation comparison

In terms of industry reputation, all three brands have a certain market influence.However, Mogu has some problems in quality and user reputation.Especially for environmental problems in the production process, some consumers have expressed doubts about the quality of this brand and brand reputation.The happy stockings and Bresna have accumulated their high -end quality and brand reputation.


Design style comparison

Design style is the primary factor that attracts users.The three brands have their own strengths in design.MOGU has a good design in design and rich styles; and Bresna is better than MOGU, Bresna is better at a sense of charm and charming.Of course, pleasant stockings also have their own charm, which is more detailed in detail and diverse style.


MOGU is mainly positioned in young groups and consumers who are in contact with sex underwear; Bresna’s positioning is among the quality buyers who pursue high -quality, cost -effective, and good business management and service guarantee;Buyers in elegant and popular occasions.

Sales channels and services comparison

In terms of sales channels, the sales channels of the three brands are quite extensive. In addition to the sales in physical stores, they have all been established by many e -commerce platforms.In terms of services, Bresna has the most complete service guarantee, including after -sales service guarantee that the return and exchange process is unobstructed.

Brand future development prospects

Generally speaking, in terms of market performance, cost -effectiveness, reputation and positioning, the three brands are listed in the industry in the industry.With the rise of sex culture and women’s awakening consciousness, the market scope of sexy underwear is also expanding.This also brings huge development opportunities for the sexy underwear brand.In this context, we believe that the three brands have great development potential among the future market occupation.