Sexy underwear cow

Sexy underwear cow

Underwear is a necessity for women’s daily life, but it is not only the basic style of daily life. More and more women are starting to pay attention to sexy underwear. Little cows are a popular sexy underwear brand. This article will introduce youThe styles, materials, how to use, and how to choose the style that suits you.

Material and characteristics

The main materials used in the little dairy underwear are lace and silk. The lace has the characteristics of breathability, softness, and personal comfort. The silk has the characteristics of smooth and gloss. The combination of the two materials makes the underwear sexy and comfortable.In addition to the material, the little dairy lingerie also has a very special place -to create underwear with the artist’s methods and craftsmanship, to make the picture effect at first glancePhysical feelings.

Style introduction

There are many styles of small dairy lingerie underwear. The following are listed:

1. The vest: The characteristics of this style are very simple in front and waist, but the design is very distinctive. The back lines are rich and diverse, and they can wear different styles.

2. Hollow model: There are marks of hollowout, which has good breathability and can bring more sexy.

3. Sling model: The sexy underwear of the suspender style is more slim, which is more suitable for the proportion of women.The camisole and shoulder strap can be adjusted to the size, which is more convenient to wear.

4. Butterfly: This is a wings -shaped underwear, which can increase the visual effect and give people a sense of flying.


There are some places to pay attention to in the use of little dairy underwear. The following is a detailed introduction for you:

1. Before using sex underwear for the first time, cleaning is needed to ensure the clean and hygienic underwear.

2. Try not to let the underwear stick to your skin for too long when you wear it to prevent allergies and prevent health.

3. Do not wash your sexy underwear with a washing machine. It is advisable to avoid wear and deformation.

4. Try to avoid exposure in the sun.

How to choose a style that suits you

How to choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you?The following three aspects you need to consider:

1. Skin color and skin quality.According to your skin color and skin, choose the color and fabric that suits you.

2. Body characteristics.According to your body characteristics, choose the style and size that suits you to avoid unsuitable size and cause uncomfortable dressing.

3. Scene and atmosphere.In view of different occasions and atmosphere, choosing suitable styles and colors can achieve the right effect.


As a very popular sexy underwear brand, Little Tai Daixiang Lingerie has rich and diverse styles, soft and comfortable materials, unique design and rigorous manufacturing technology, bringing more women and confidence to more women.If you are ready to start with fun underwear, you can consider the cow and choose the style that suits you will exude more charm.

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