Sexy underwear dog ring picture full set

Sexy underwear dog ring picture full set

Sexy underwear dog ring picture full set


There are many types of erotic underwear, and the most teasing and irritating of them are the dog ring.Dog rings are decorations that can be worn on male genitals, which can promote blood circulation and improve sexual life experience.Here, we will show you the full set of sexy underwear dog ring pictures.

Common material

The material of the dog ring is very rich, and common ones are metal, leather, silicone, TPE, etc.Among them, the dog’s dog ring is more solid, but it may bring discomfort, so users need to choose cautiously.

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The role of a dog ring

The role of a dog ring is to improve the experience of male sex, because it can be tightly put on the male genitals, increasing the sense of irritation, and at the same time to promote blood circulation and improve sexual ability.

The size of the dog ring

The size of the dog ring varies from person to person, and is usually determined by the two parameters of diameter and width. Therefore, users need to choose the appropriate dog ring size according to their genital size.

How to wear

Before wearing a dog ring, you need to clean and disinfect, and then apply appropriate lubricants.Next, put the dog ring on the genitals. Be careful not to be too tight or loose, and ensure that it will not affect blood circulation.During the use, it should be paid attention to regular cleaning and disinfection to avoid infection diseases.

For people

The dog ring is a sexy underwear decoration suitable for men, suitable for men who want to increase sexual stimulation and experience.However, for some people with genital diseases or allergies, the use of dog rings may bring side effects or risks, so it is necessary to choose cautiously.

how to choose

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When choosing a dog ring, in addition to choosing according to your own size and preferences, you also need to consider the material and quality of the dog ring, because different materials and quality will bring different experiences and health risks.Therefore, it is recommended that users learn more about relevant knowledge and evaluation before buying, so as to do it in their hearts.

Brand recommendation

Among the many dog ring brands, the quality and reputation of some brands are even better.Such as DOC Johnson, Zini, Lelo and other brands are more well -known sexy underwear brands. They have different types of dog ring products, which can be selected as needed.


When using a dog ring, you need to pay attention to some matters, such as: try to avoid excessive use, do not exceed 30 minutes each time; do not bring the dog ring into public places or share it with others;You need to bear risk by yourself.


By understanding the relevant knowledge of these sexy underwear dog ring, I hope to help everyone better understand the role, choice, use, and precautions of the dog ring, so that everyone’s sex life is better.