Sexy underwear European and American videos

Sexy underwear European and American videos

European and American sexy underwear introduction

Europeans and Americans have higher acceptance of sexy underwear, so they have more and more diverse styles and designs.Among them, sexy and back -back design sexy underwear, as well as romantic erotic lingerie with lace and lace.European and American sex lingerie materials also pay more attention to comfort and breathability to ensure the comfort and health of wearing.

European and American sexy underwear video

The publicity of European and American sexy underwear is not limited to pictures and text. More often, brands will use videos to show the details and sexy feelings of sexy underwear.These videos are generally published on brand websites and social platforms, and some of them are also spread on video websites.Here are a few European and American sexy underwear videos.

#1 Agent Provocateur

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In the video of the British sex lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, most of the models are wearing super sexy sexy underwear, showing Europe’s unique romance and sentiment, which is even more impressive like dramatic scene design.

#2 Victoria’s Secret

Video of American sex lingerie gaming giants Victoria’s Secret is a selling point with a super model. They are in the brand’s sexy underwear, just to show sexy and charm.Brands often play underwear shows on TV stations, which also makes audiences worldwide feast.

#3 Bluebella

The Bluebella brand from the United Kingdom has become popular with the brand’s small fresh design and transparent sexy lingerie design.The brand’s visual propaganda shows uneven line arrangement, creating a fashion and artistic atmosphere, which has resonated with great resonance.

European and American sex lingerie video trends

With the popularity of social media and video APPs, sexy underwear videos have also undergone some changes.The following is the current development trend of sexy underwear videos in Europe and the United States.

#1 Tell the story

Now many sexy underwear brands strive to attract consumers through the form of storytelling and better convey brand value and concepts.Rather than a pure video advertisement, it is better to be an artistic work, creativity and depth.


#2 Emphasize humanistic care

Many brands now focus on combining products with humanistic care, hoping to convey more beautiful values through video forms.The transmission of health and positive body energy has become an important direction for European and American sexy underwear videos.

#3 Interactive content

After years of accumulation, brand underwear videos have become the extreme.In the Internet era, the audience is more inclined to cultivate a form of interactive form.Some brands have begun to use new types of interactive methods to generate content, such as demonstrating the dressing process on a large screen, which can not only attract attention and strengthen the purchase experience.

in conclusion

European and American sex lingerie videos are an important means of brand in the process of promotion.Brands can show the details and sexy feelings of the product through video display. At the same time, it also needs to combine the current trend and direction to adopt more attractive creativity and content forms to occupy more consumer markets.