Sexy underwear female delivery eggs

Sexy underwear female delivery eggs


Interesting underwear and jumping eggs are the choice of many couples upgraded sex experience, because of their novelty and attracting more and more attention.However, many people still don’t know much about the specific functions and usage methods of these two products.Today, we will introduce to those who are interested in these two products.

Sex underwear type

Interest underwear is divided into multiple types: bra, underwear, conjoined, suspenders, three -point and lace fabrics.The bra is mainly divided into two types: inflatable and ordinary type. The former can inflatable according to personal needs to increase the fullness of the chest. The latter can choose the appropriate cup type and size according to personal needs.There are various types of underwear, including T -shaped, G string, butterfly pants, etc., which have strong irritation.Conjusational style is a combination of bra and underwear, which is more suitable for sexy occasions.The camisole and three -point type focus on the design of the shoulder straps and waist, exposing more sexy curves.Lace fabric is a common material in sexy underwear. It has a slender and soft feel, which is comfortable and beautiful.

Dumping function

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The jumping egg is a small, charged or replaced AA battery sex toy. The appearance is generally ovate and the inside is equipped with a vibration device.Egg jumping can be manually or remotely controlled, and can be used for various occasions such as personal entertainment, sex toys and couples.It has the functions of increasing sexual pleasure, stimulating sensitive areas, and improving the quality of sex.

What should I do if my girlfriend sends jumping eggs?

If your girlfriend gives you a jumping egg, you can first understand what your girlfriend expects to get from it and find some related education or resources to better use this gift.If you are not sure how to use it, read some guidelines or instructions about jumping eggs.Keep in mind that you must use a charger or install the battery before using the jumping egg.

How to wear sexy underwear correctly

First of all, you must choose the appropriate sexy underwear based on your body shape and size to give full play to its sexy and beautiful effects.When wearing, pay attention to the appropriate accessories, such as lace, high heels and nail polish.If it is a conjoined type, put on underwear first, and then gradually pull the part of the body to avoid tightening the flesh.If it is separated by a bra and panties, it is recommended to put on the underwear first, then tie the bra, and adjust the size.

How to clean up the sexy jacket

Different brands and styles have different cleaning methods and precautions. It is recommended to pay attention to the brand’s instructions or labels when purchasing.Under normal circumstances, use hands or soft brushes, towels, do not use bleach, do not stir with washing machines, be careful not to force, rub, or dry forcibly.It is best to dry it in a cool place to avoid exposure in the sun.

Story of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has a long history in many countries, originated from ancient Greece and Rome.Some historical records and archeological discoveries confirmed that some of the early nobles and rich people had experienced sexy underwear.Today, sexy underwear has become part of modern human life, adding new methods and new experiences to many people.

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Funeral underwear common sense

When buying sexy underwear, it is recommended to first understand information about materials, size, price, design and manufacturer.When choosing, you should be carried out in combination with your personal shape. At the same time, pay attention to buying some brands and products with certain guarantees.In the schedule promotion, you can also seize the opportunity to choose one or two of your favorite erotic underwear.

Common problems of jumping eggs

Many people encounter some problems when using jumping eggs, such as short charging or battery use time, poor vibration and poor sex feelings.These problems usually have some simple solutions, such as replacing batteries, charging in advance, and using lubricants.If you encounter some more serious and impact on health or sex life during use, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor or health professionals in time.

The combination of sexy underwear and jumping eggs

Interests of underwear and jumping eggs are the way many couples and friends choose to upgrade sexual experience. It can play a role in double pleasure and passion.The combination of sexy underwear and jumping eggs needs to be charged and cleaned according to personal taste and needs.During the use, pay attention to hygiene, safety and comfort to enjoy a pleasant and safe sex experience.


Interest underwear and jumping eggs are new toys that increase sexual experience and improve the quality of sex.With more and more people’s interests and needs for them, more and more new styles of sexy underwear and jumping eggs have emerged in the market.When using, we need to pay attention to safety, hygiene and comfort to experience the process of pleasure and safety.I hope my introduction and prompt can help you and enjoy a beautiful sex experience.