Sexy underwear gathers the chest is big or small

Sexy underwear gathers the chest is big or small


As a fashion product, sexy underwear has attracted more and more attention from women at all ages.Among them, gathering underwear is considered a style that can make the chest more plump.But do you really make your chest look bigger?Let’s analyze it.

The working principle of gathered underwear

Gathering underwear through the design of two coasters, so that the chest gathers the chest in the middle, creating a chest shape that is greater than the actual size.That’s why gathered underwear is called "plastic artifact".

Is the gathered underwear targeting the big breasts or small breasts?

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In fact, gathered underwear is not aimed at people with the size of the chest, but for people who need to increase the chest curve and make the chest more plump.However, under different circumstances, gathered underwear has different effects on the size of the chest.

The influence of gathered underwear on women with small breasts

For women with small breasts, gathering underwear can effectively cover some places where the chest is lacking, so that the chest is fuller.At the same time, gathering underwear can make the chest look more rounded, which not only increases the size of the chest, but also enhances curve beauty.

The influence of gathered underwear on women with big breasts

For women with big breasts, choosing to gather underwear is sometimes not the best choice.Because the too close design of the underwear will emphasize the size of the chest, not the curve of the chest.This may make the chest look thicker and lose the original beauty.

How to choose a gathering underwear that suits you?

It is important to choose a gathering underwear that suits you, and you need to consider it from your physical condition.If you are a woman with a small chest, you can choose a coaster with a certain thickness to increase the wrap of the chest, so that the chest looks full.

And if women with large chests should choose a thin coaster to reduce the degree of tightening the chest, so as to avoid chest compression and discomfort.

Clothing style with gathered underwear


The style of clothes with gathered underwear also needs to be considered.For example, low V -neck clothes will better highlight the advantages of the chest.The high -necked clothes will reduce the emphasis on the chest, so that the chest does not look so prominent.

What should I pay attention to when gathered in the daily maintenance of underwear?

Daily maintenance of gathered underwear needs to be paid attention to.First, avoid using a washing machine and dryer to clean the underwear.It is best to use the method of hand washing. When you choose the cleaning solution, choose as irritating as much as possible, so as to maintain the softness and comfort of the underwear.

Other precautions

Gathering underwear just makes the chest look more plump, but long -term use may make the muscles relax.Therefore, it is not recommended to wear lingerie every day, and the choice of underwear needs to be arranged reasonably.In addition, it is also important to choose underwear that is suitable for your own body, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the body.

in conclusion

Through the above analysis, we can draw a conclusion: Gathering underwear can make the chest look bigger, but for women with large breasts or fat body, we also need to choose carefully.Only by choosing the right gathered underwear can we truly achieve the purpose of beautiful breasts.