Sexy underwear girl trial

Sexy underwear girl trial

How to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Interest underwear is an exclusive fashion, sexy and beautiful.However, due to different figures and styles, choosing the most suitable sex underwear may be a challenge.Here are some key factors to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

The requirements of sexy underwear

The figure determines what kind of sexy underwear you buy.Different figures need different materials and styles.If you are full of figure, it is recommended to buy some sexy underwear with control effects, which can tighten your abdomen and hip lines and emphasize your curve beauty.If you are a thin body, you can consider choosing some sexy underwear with filling or alien design to breast enlargement or increase your hips to increase the beauty of your body.

Fairy underwear fabrics and comfort

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The fabric and comfort of sexy underwear are also an important factor for women to choose sexy underwear.Women should pay attention to the comfortable and breathable sexy underwear of fabrics to better enjoy the comfort of wearing.In addition, different fabrics will have different stimuli for your skin, so it is also necessary to choose a sexy underwear that suits your fabric.

The color and style of sexy underwear

Colors and styles are important factor in each sexy underwear. Choosing a relatively good visual effect and color can make you more sexy and beautiful.White, black, and red are common sexy underwear colors. Among them, red is the color that can show women’s enthusiasm and temptation best.Different styles also have different charm. You can choose lace, leather, transparent, printing, half a cup, full cup, no steel ring, etc. to show your unique sexy charm.

F upper underwear wearing skills

An excellent sexy underwear requires a suitable way to wear to better show the sexy charm of women.The combination of sexy underwear and other clothes is also very important, such as you can match jackets, trench coats, thin sweaters, shorts, tight skirts or long skirts.

Washing sexy sheets regularly

Washing sexy underwear regularly is the key to maintaining sexy underwear performance.Women should be cleaned in time after each use, and prevent overweight underwear under the sun or under the sun.Prepare detergents, clean water, and a small amount of vinegar in advance for reasonable cleaning and disinfection.

Wear sex underwear on different occasions

It is very important to choose different sexy underwear on different occasions.For example, in private places, you can selectively sexy underwear to show your unique sexy.In public, you can choose to pay more attention to comfort and low -key sexy underwear, so as not to make people feel inappropriate.You should also choose a charming, but a moderate conservative sexy underwear.


How to support jewelry

The charm of sexy underwear is not only reflected in the clothes itself, but also other supporting accessories.For example, you can match high heels or boots.If you choose a transparent style sexy underwear, you can choose a sexy stockings or net socks.In some special occasions, choosing a supporting supplies such as handcuffs, collar or whip with special functions can also add the charm of sexy underwear.

Try different sexy underwear manufacturers

Each sex underwear manufacturer has its own unique fashion style, including sexy underwear, uniforms, sex products and role -playing clothing.Therefore, try to try different manufacturers to choose the most suitable sexy lingerie style.

Finally make a point of view

Women will become more sexy, beautiful, and confident when wearing sexy underwear.How to choose the right sexy underwear and supporting supplies, shuttle in different occasions to show your sexy charm, so that you can feel the most beautiful and charming self.