Sexy underwear line picture girl version

Sexy underwear line picture girl version

Sexy underwear line picture girl version

Underwear, as one of the most private clothing of women, also has a higher and higher standard in aesthetics.From the original functional underwear to the current sexy underwear, the beauty of the line has become one of the aesthetic pursuit of underwear.This article will introduce several sexy lingerie with beautiful lines, hoping to provide you with some inspiration and reference.

1. Net yarn with lace

Net yarn with lace is a common element in many sexy underwear design. Their matching can create visual illusion and make people feel that there are many lines on the underwear.This combination is often used in the design of a bra or top.

2. Metal decorative lines

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Metal decorative lines are also very common in sexy underwear design, and they can be used on bra, underwear, suspenders and waist.Metal decorative lines bring a strong sense of fashion to sexy underwear design, making underwear more visual impact.

3. striped design

Striped design is a classic element, which has also been widely used in sexy underwear.The stripes can be used in the design of bra, underwear and suspenders, making the underwear look more delicate and layered.

4. Hollow line design

The hollow design can be used on many parts of sexy underwear, such as bra, underwear and suspenders.They can create unique lines of lines and make sexy underwear more breathable and comfortable.

5. lace border

Lace border is a very common erotic underwear design element, which can be used on bras, underwear, suspenders, and waist.Lacebing can add a romantic and sexy atmosphere to sexy underwear, making women more confident and charming.

6. Broken design

The strap design also often appears in sexy underwear design, and they can be used in bras, underwear and waist design.The strap design can create a lot of beautiful lines and shapes, making sexy underwear more colorful.

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7. No trace design

The marksless design is one of the mainstream of the underwear design now. It allows the underwear to fully fit the body without any traces.The marksless design is also very useful for sexy underwear, especially for those who need to expose underwear on those clothing.The design of non -trace design can ensure the integrity of the beauty of the lines of the lingerie.

8. Plastic design

Pattern design is another very common element in sexy underwear. They can be used in bras such as bra, underwear and suspenders.The pattern design can make the sexy underwear more delicate and textured, making women more confident and relaxing when wearing sexy underwear.

9. Retro pattern design

Retro patterns are a very fashionable element, and they are also widely used in sexy underwear design.Retro patterns can be used on bras such as bra, underwear, and suspenders, making sexy underwear more personalized and fashionable.

10. Design of exposed rough lines

The exposed rough line design is a very special sexy underwear design that creates a very rough line beauty.This design may not be suitable for all women, but they can make some women have a unique sexy.

In short, the beauty of the lines of sexy underwear is a very important part of the underwear design.When choosing a sexy underwear, women need to pay attention to whether the beauty of the lingerie is matched with their own body, whether they can emphasize their advantages, so as to make themselves more confident and beautiful.