Sexy underwear Magnet av

Sexy underwear Magnet av

What is sexy underwear Magnet av

The sexy underwear Magnet AV is a new type of sexy underwear design. The main purpose is to make women enjoy the sex process more relaxed and happy after wearing this underwear.The design of this underwear is inspired by Japan. It uses magnetic design to allow the underwear to fit the body and increase the sexyness of women.

Features of sexy underwear Magnet AV

The characteristic of sexy underwear Magnet AV is that it uses new materials and design to improve the sexy degree of women.This underwear uses a magnetic design, so that the underwear can better fit the body.

At the same time, the material of this underwear uses high elastic spandex material, which can provide a better supporting effect on the chest, making the chest shape more upright. At the same time, it will make women more confident and sexy.

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Suitable crowd

Interesting underwear Magnet AV is suitable for young women, women who are pursuing, and women who want a better sex experience. Of course, it is also suitable for married women to add a little fun to their sex life.In addition, due to its high sexuality, it is also a good gift choice for the majority of men.

How to choose a size

There is no difference between the size of the sexy underwear Magnet AV. Because the material uses high elastic aminoly, the size of the size can be selected in the size of the size.

Of course, if you need it, it is best to measure your bust and bust first, so as to make a suitable choice when buying.

How to correctly wear sexy underwear Magnet av

Interesting underwear Magnet AV can be worn as usual underwear, or sexy clothing in husband and wife life.But you need to pay attention to the following points when you wear:

1. Adjust the shoulder straps: The length of the shoulder strap should be just right, and you can adjust it appropriately;

2. Adjust the hem tightness: Unlike the conventional bra, the Magnet AV underwear is freely and relaxed, which can be freely adjusted to make it more consistent with the shape;

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3. Following degrees: Because it is a magnetic adsorption design, the underwear needs to be fitted on the skin to play the effect. Pay attention to whether there are tight waist and uncomfortable feeling.

How to clean the sexy underwear Magnet AV

Because the sexy underwear Magnet AV uses new types of design and material, you need to pay attention when cleaning:

1. Follow the requirements of underwear cleaning labels. First, turn the underwear inside to see the washing label;

2. Do not put in the washing machine: Although the material of the underwear can be washed in the washing machine, because the Magnet AV uses magnetic design, it is not suitable for use in the washing machine;

3. Handwashing: It is recommended to wash the underwear with cold water. From the perspective of the cleaner, it is recommended to use a special underwear cleaning solution. The powerful cleaning agent cannot be used.

4. Dry typhoons: dry in the room or shade.

Different from his sexy underwear

Compared with his interesting underwear, Magnet AV underwear has unique advantages in materials, design, magnetic technology, and supporting chest shapes.At the same time, it can not only take into account daily wear, have a higher degree of sexy, but also add a husband and wife life, adding a fun to interest.

Personalized DIY

Although Magnet AV underwear is already a very distinctive design, you can still add personalized elements in the choice of underwear.For example, adding some shiny sequins, or the patterns you like particularly are a good choice.


As a new design, the unique design and material of sexy underwear AV make it a change in underwear design.It can not only meet the needs of women’s comfort, sexy, and supporting the chest shape, but also add a special fun to husband and wife.Therefore, as a woman or male, you can consider adding Magnet AV underwear to your own underwear and sexy clothing cabinets.