Sexy underwear main area

Sexy underwear main area

Sexy underwear main area

In the modern world, sexy underwear has become a fashion trend. It is not only an iconic clothing, but also a body art.So, where is the main area of sexy underwear?Below, let’s explore it together.

1. The United States

The United States is one of the main producing areas of sex underwear.American sex lingerie brands are diverse, rich in styles, and representative brands include Victoria ’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Agent Provocateur, etc.These brands focus on designing and selling high -quality sexy underwear.

2. France

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French sexy underwear is known as "the sexiest underwear brand in the world".Their design and manufacturing technology are unique, while combining high -quality craftsmanship and materials.The most famous French sex lingerie brands are AUBADE, LISE Charmel, Chantelle, etc.

3. Europe

Europe is one of the important regions of sexy underwear.European sex lingerie brands pay great attention to the quality of the product, and are famous for their superb craftsmanship and rich and diverse styles.European sex lingerie brands include Marlies Dekkers, La Perla, Wolford and so on.

4. Taiwan

Taiwan is an important base for sex underwear manufacturing.The sexy underwear produced in Taiwan is good and has a variety of styles.Taiwan’s sexy underwear brand focuses on designing and selling fashionable and high -quality sexy underwear, including 5CM, 1510, 3Coins and other brands.

5. Mainland China

Mainland China is the main producing area of global sexy underwear, accounting for half of the global sex lingerie market.There are a large number of sexy underwear brands in mainland China, such as Bejirog, Aimer, Gujin, etc. Among them, there are many high -quality, high -quality brands.

6. South Korea

South Korea’s sexy lingerie brands are famous for simple, fashionable, and high quality.Most brands focus on designing and producing high -quality sexy underwear. The representative brands include VANAV, IDEA, Limited Moment, etc.

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7. Japan

Japan also plays an important role in the global sexy underwear market.The main features of Japanese sex lingerie brands are simple, elegant, and light.These brands usually focus on details and are committed to creating elegant and sexy underwear.Representative brands include Wacoal, Triumph, etc.

8. India

Indian sex lingerie brands have a great influence globally.Indian sex lingerie is famous for its diversity of colors and decorations. It has a complete style and has many innovative designs.Luvee, DA Intimo, Enamor and other brands are well -known sexy underwear brands in India.

9. Brazil

Brazilian underwear is among the best in manufacturing and design. Its brand Ciao Mao and Rosa Chá are famous for high -end and cost -effective products.Brazil’s sexy underwear is mainly comfortable and sexy, which is very suitable for tropical climate.

10. Australia

The characteristics of Australian sex lingerie brands are nude color tone and nude fabric, and their design style is bold and unique.Brands such as CKM, Honey Birdette, Pleasure State are representative brands in the Australian sex underwear market.

In general, the global sex lingerie market is very large and the brand is very diverse.Interesting underwear brands in each country and region have their own characteristics and unique style.No matter which country you come from, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you.