Sexy underwear performance contest Magnet

Sexy underwear performance contest Magnet

Preparation for activities

Recently, a unique sexy underwear performance contest "Magnet" opened on the stage of the city center.In order to make this game more interesting and ornamental, the organizer started a number of preparations.First of all, players made by professional stylists make makeup and styling activities, making the players more brilliant; second, in order to increase the visual effects of the performance, the organizers use professional equipment such as laser and LED lights.

Race rules

In order to ensure the fairness and efficiency of the game, the organizer formulated the rules of the competition system.This competition is divided into two links: preliminary and final. Players need to pass the preliminary election before entering the finals.In the preliminary competition, each player needs to perform sexy underwear once, and the final performance needs to be performed twice, which not only increases the fun of the game, but also increases the player’s performance time.

Player style

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A total of 20 players participated in this competition. The youngest in their youngest is only 18 years old, and the biggest is over 40 years old.These players fully show the various style and charm of sexy underwear whether they are from the appearance and the performance level.Some players are full of youthful vitality, some players are more calm and mature, and some players are good at integrating their own characteristics and personality.


Interest underwear, as a special clothing, usually has related themes and situations.In this competition, the organizer specially set up performance themes, including sweet, sexy, romantic, kimono, and so on.These different themes give players more creative space and performance opportunities, and at the same time allow the audience to enjoy more diverse performance content.

Diverse score

In order to ensure the fairness and objectivity of the game, the organizer has formulated a diversified scoring standard.In the competition, in addition to the appearance and performance skills of the players, we must also consider the overall style, makeup and shape of the player, the theme of performance theme, music matching and scene effects.The judges judge the performance of the players through scores, and also increased the tension and ornamental of the game.

wonderful perfomance

At the game scene, the players’ performances were wonderful and refreshing.Some players performed a pink sexy underwear, reminiscent of the beautiful girl soldiers, showing a strong girly atmosphere; some players performed black sexy underwear, showing the sexy side, attracting all male audiences’ audienceFlashing eyes.

Reflection after the game

In this competition, the contestants and the audience have gained very rich experience and gains.During the competition, the players not only learned how to show themselves better, but also learned how to keep calm and confident. Reflection after the game also allows players to discover and correct their shortcomings in time, and continue to improve.

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Meaning and value

As a charming and affinity activity, the sexy lingerie show contest can not only show the players’ style and charm, but also increase the understanding and understanding of all sectors of society.At the same time, this activity also promotes the spread and development of sexy underwear culture, so that more people can enjoy the charm brought by the sexy underwear.

Future Outlook

In the future, the Fun underwear performance competition will be more and more attention and attention, and more and more people will participate.At the same time, this activity will continue to innovate and improve, including increasing the fun and popularity of the game, and improving the performance level and professionalism of players.We look forward to the birth of more exciting and excellent sexy underwear performance competitions!


As a creative and vibrant activity, the sexy underwear performance contest can not only show the charm of the players, but also promote the spread and development of sexy underwear culture.Through such activities, we can better understand and appreciate the diverse charm of sexy underwear, and also allow more people to understand and use sexy underwear, thereby improving people’s quality of life and happiness.