Sexy underwear pictures can’t be released on the shelves

Sexy underwear pictures can't be released on the shelves

The reason why the erotic underwear cannot be held on the picture

As a sexy and private product, sexy underwear needs to be displayed and sold online, so it needs to upload product pictures.However, sometimes the pictures of sexy underwear may not be put on the shelves normally. Why?Below we will explore the reasons.

Violation of platform regulations

In the provisions of most e -commerce platforms, the display pictures of sexy underwear need to comply with relevant regulations.For example, pictures cannot be exposed too much, cannot involve yellow or violate social morality.When uploading pictures of sexy underwear, the store must follow the platform’s regulations.

Image quality problem

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Sometimes the picture cannot be put on the shelves because of the quality of the picture.If the picture is too vague, too small, or too complicated, the platform cannot intelligently identify the attributes of the item, which will lead to failure.

Copyright issue

Sex underwear manufacturers or brand owners sometimes apply for the ex -exclusive requirements of their pictures.If it is not an authorized seller, it will be considered to have copyright issues and cannot be on the shelves.

Product information description problem

In addition to the picture, the description of the product information of sexy underwear is also very important.If you use a prohibited vocabulary or a description inconsistent with the product in the description, the picture will also fail.

Keyword problem

Sometimes, the pictures of sexy underwear cannot be put on the shelves because of the keyword problem.The platform needs to have the corresponding product name to help the store identify the correct information of the product.Therefore, you must fill in the correct keyword information according to the requirements of the platform.

Network speed issue

If the network is unstable or slow when uploading the picture, it may cause incomplete picture upload, which is why the picture cannot be put on the shelves.


Upload quantity problem

If the store wants to upload a large number of sexy underwear pictures, you must specify the number of pictures and upload time according to the requirements of the platform, and the amount of uploading the time is small, avoiding the large number of dispersed upload so that the picture cannot be put on the shelves.

False information issues

In order to increase the click -through rate of the product, some merchants will exaggerate the publicity on pictures or descriptions, but the platform will discover and refuse to be launched during the review.Therefore, we must provide real and accurate product information.

Experience summary

In short, if the erotic underwear pictures cannot be put on the shelves, you must check the quality, description, and keywords whether the picture quality, description and keywords meet the requirements of the platform to avoid some unnecessary problems.At the same time, pay attention to the network speed and traffic at the time of uploading to ensure that the original information is uploaded complete, and it is best not to exaggerate the publicity and try to provide real and accurate product information as much as possible.


In the Internet era where the society is developing rapidly, the sales of sexy underwear are getting bigger and bigger, and uploading pictures have become more and more concerned about merchants.The style of a little bit of light nourish the sea and grasp from the details is the must -have road to sell underwear sales.