Sexy underwear processing technology

Sexy underwear processing technology

What is sexy underwear processing technology?

Sexy underwear is a sexy and unique underwear, and its processing technology is also critical.It can be said that exquisite sexy underwear requires high -quality raw materials, superb technology and rigorous processing production processes.The sexy underwear processing process is a very important step in the entire production process.

Specific steps of sexy underwear processing technology

The specific steps of sexy underwear processing technology generally include the following:

Design and model production:

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First of all, you need to design a suitable model to ensure that the sexy underwear is not only beautiful, but also in line with ergonomics, with high comfort.After the model production is completed, it can make molds to provide technical support for subsequent production.


According to the model, various raw materials (such as cloth, hook buckle, lace lace, etc.) need to be cut according to the size and shape, and they are stored and stored to facilitate subsequent assembly.


Head Wear

Sewing is a key step in the processing of sexy underwear. It needs to use professional sewing machines and superb technologies to sew the cut materials in the correct position.

Add decoration:

After the sewing is completed, some special decorations are added to the erotic underwear, such as lace lace, buttons, small ribbons, etc., to increase the beauty and sexyness of sexy underwear.


After the previous craftsmanship, the sexy underwear has a preliminary molding effect. It is necessary to perform processing, cutting edges, and adding buckles to make the sexy underwear more perfect visual effects and comfort.

Quality test:

After the entire processing process is completed, the quality inspection of the sexy underwear is required to ensure that the product is qualified before it will be packed and sold.

Technical points in processing technology

The technical points in sexy underwear processing technology are:

Sewing technology:

Professional sewing technology is the basis for making high -quality sexy underwear. It requires a lot of training and practice to master superb technology.

Compared with color matching:

Sex underwear usually uses a contrast color matching, and needs to find a suitable color combination in different colors to achieve a beautiful and sexy effect.

Selection of fabrics:

The selection of fabrics of sexy underwear directly affects the comfort, safety and visual effects of the underwear, so it is necessary to choose high -quality and safe fabrics.

Border drawing technology:

Border drawing technology is an important part of sexy underwear production. Different colors of lines need to draw outlines, patterns, etc. to achieve visual aesthetic effects.

Decoration options:

In the sexy underwear that needs to be added to the decoration, it is also very important to choose the appropriate decoration. It needs to be matched with the style of the underwear, which is not only beautiful, but also safe and comfortable.

The characteristics of excellent sexy underwear processing manufacturers

Excellent sexy underwear processing manufacturers have the following characteristics:

With rich production experience:

Excellent sexy underwear processing manufacturers have rich production experience, can formulate suitable production solutions according to customer needs, and provide professional technical support.

There are advanced production equipment:

Excellent erotic underwear processing manufacturers have advanced production equipment and tools, which can efficiently produce and processes good quality sexy underwear.

There is a professional R & D team:

Excellent sexy underwear processing manufacturers have professional R & D teams, and can continue to innovate according to market demand and design more beautiful and high -quality sexy underwear products.

Integrated production management:

Excellent sexy underwear processing manufacturers adopt an integrated production management model, which can realize the full process management from product design to production, packaging, and distribution, ensuring the quality and market competitiveness of sexy underwear.


Fun underwear processing technology is a very important and critical link, which directly determines the quality and market competitiveness of sexy underwear products.High -quality sexy underwear processing manufacturers should have advanced production equipment and tools, professional technology and R & D teams, and rigorous production management processes to ensure the production of good quality and sexy underwear products.