Sexy underwear restraint 20p 20p

Sexy underwear restraint 20p 20p

Sexy underwear restraint 20p 20p

Interest underwear has always been the best choice to add fun. Different styles, colors and materials allow people to experience different stimuli in sex life.And the more popular one is the restraint of sexy underwear.Today, we will discuss this type of sexy underwear in detail in the future to understand its characteristics, uses and applicable people.

1. What is sexy underwear restraint?

Interesting underwear constraints mainly refer to sexy underwear that can be restrained on the body to a certain extent.This kind of sexy underwear can not only make people feel a kind of "restraint" and "control" pleasure, but also add fun to add fun.There are many types of underwear bondage shapes, which can be rope cover, waist, beam legs, hand and various modeling suits.

2. Underwear restraint applicable people

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Underwear restraint is suitable for people who like to explore and try, enjoy pleasure and stimulus, and have a certain psychological quality.At the same time, underwear restraints are also suitable for people who have quite sexual experience and want to seek freshness and excitement.For those who have certain needs for stimuli and strong pleasure, underwear restraint is a good choice.

3. The function of underwear restraint

The main function of underwear restraint is to make sexual life more exciting, reduce the scope of physical activity, thereby increasing people’s expectations for love, better stimulating the body sensitive parts, improving the quality and feelings of sex, and enhancing the experience of interesting life life experienceEssence

4. Underwear restraint material

The material restrained by the underwear must be strong, bearing capacity, anti -grasp, bacteriostatic and other properties.The materials that are usually selected are: leather, hemp rope, silk, grid cloth, etc. At the same time, pay attention to sexy underwear not to cover too many body sensitive parts.

5. Types of underwear restraint

Underwear restraints can be classified according to different parts, such as hand, legs, waist, and so on.At the same time, the bondage of the underwear can also be divided into many different types, including shackles, ropes, sets, and chest flowers according to their own characteristics, and can be selected according to personal preferences and needs.

6. How to use underwear restraint

The position, tension and time of the restraint are the key to affecting the effect.When choosing and using underwear, you must pay attention to safety issues.At the beginning, you should focus on experience. Do not use too much when your body is not adaptive, otherwise it will easily cause physical damage.


7. The matching of underwear restraint

In addition to being used alone, underwear restraints are usually used with other erotic supplies, such as tools such as eye masks, mouthball, etc., and can also match different combinations according to different needs and use scenarios.

8. No trace interface

The bondage of underwear is different from ordinary clothes, and it is also very different for its use and nature. Therefore, it needs to choose non -trace design so that users can wear more freely and not be affected by unnecessary marks.

In general, sexy underwear restraint is a very good choice.It can not only increase the fun of fun life, but also make people yearn for sex, more confident and self -love.Of course, when using underwear, you must pay attention to safety and choose high -quality products to get the best sex experience.