Sexy underwear song Recommended girl version

Sexy underwear song Recommended girl version


The emergence of sexy underwear allows each woman to have more choices and rich sex.While wearing sexy underwear, listening to some brisk songs can play a better effect and enhance your hormonal secretion.Below, I recommend some sexy lingerie songs suitable for girls.

The first song: Ariana Grande -Side to Side

The melody of this song is brisk and beautiful, allowing you to feel more sexy and charm after wearing a sexy underwear.It allows your body to sway with the dance music naturally, just like your mood also follows the music.

Second song: Selena Gomez -Hands To MySelf

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This song is full of sexy and slightly teasing taste, which can make you more confident and charming.The combination of melody and lyrics is exciting, setting off the noble and mysterious in the sexy underwear.

Third: Rihanna -SKIN

This song is full of golden proportion melody. For you in sexy underwear, you can make your body and music fusion and more sexy.The lyrics suggest that the wildness and freedom after wearing sexy underwear are exciting.

Fourth: Beyonce -Partition

The melody in this song is euphemistic and the rhythm jumps, allowing you to get more confidence and charm under the background of sexy underwear.The lyrics even let go of yourself directly and release hormones.

Fifth song: Demi Lovato -Cool for the Summer

This song is more youthful and cheerful, suitable for women who wear vermilion or orange pornographic underwear.It is full of youthfulness, freedom and vitality, highlighting freshness and confidence.

Sixth: Taylor Swift -Wildest Dreams

The song is beautiful and melodious in this song. Many details in the lyrics show women’s tenderness and sexy curves.Put on sexy underwear and accompany this song to enjoy a unique charm.


Seventh: Melanie Martinez -Carousel

This song is a bit strange and a little weird, but after women wear sexy underwear, they will feel more sexy charm and wonderful feeling.There are some subjective searching for women’s hearts in the song, making you experience more profound.

Eighth: Charli XCX -BOYS

The melody in this song is very melodious and different, suitable for women with special personality, some star -style sexy underwear.The song emphasizes that women control their best boys and make you feel the strength and charm of women.

Ninth: MADONNA -LIVING for Love

This song is full of sexy and teasing taste, making you more charming and confident after wearing sexy underwear.The combination of both of them can show your charm and sexy without any restraint, and release the unique characteristics of women.

Tenth song: Lady Gaga -Do what u want ft. R. Kelly

This song presents an unrestrained and free feeling, which sounds like you can put on any sexy underwear and release your charm.It makes you don’t have to care about how others think of you, more confident and agile.

in conclusion

Wearing a sexy underwear and listening to brisk music can make women reflect their unique sexy and charm.And these songs allow women to better release their charm, increase self -confidence, and reflect the sexy charm and enjoy the joy of music.