Sexy underwear torture girlfriend novels

Sexy underwear torture girlfriend novels

Self -righteous mistakes

Many male friends believe that women in sexy underwear will be more active in sexual life and will make men more excited. In fact, this is a wrong concept. These concepts may come from novels, movies or some false news and exaggerated advertisements.很多真正走到一起的情侣,都不会过分强调情趣内衣的作用,因为在两人相处甚至在床上,更多的是互相的信任和感受,情趣内衣或许会起到一些点缀的作用,但它It’s not the element that determines everything.

The actual effect is not necessarily good

Many men buy sexy underwear, starting from their own perspectives, taking their own preferences, sexy and excitement as the standard standard, but ignore the needs and feelings of women itself.In fact, many erotic underwear may bring discomfort, restraint and unhygienic problems to women, and may also affect sexual experience and the health of sexual organs.Women’s choice of underwear is often based on comfort, followed by good -looking and sexy, so when choosing sexy underwear, it is best to focus on comfort and women’s feelings.

Consider personal situation

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Similarly, men must also consider the differences in choosing underwear in different cases, such as women’s body structure, weight, skin type, breast size, etc., will directly affect the choice of underwear.Therefore, it is best not to buy a sexy underwear for his girlfriend or spouse easily, but you need to understand the specific situation and make a choice.In addition, it is necessary to consider the factors and atmosphere factors. If it is just a general sex, ordinary underwear can achieve the same effect. For special occasions and atmosphere, you need to consider carefully to choose a sexy underwear.

Multiple factors affect selection

When choosing a sexy underwear, the impact of fabric, design and size needs to be considered.First of all, the fabric must be comfortable and breathable, so as not to cause allergies and discomfort.Type; and the size of the underwear is also a very important problem. If the underwear is too small or too much, it will affect the comfort and sexy level, so you need to choose according to your waist and hips.In addition, in color and pattern, women’s own taste and preferences should be the main preferences of men.

Health issues need to be paid attention to

Interest underwear is often considered "private items", so pay attention to hygiene problems when choosing and use.First of all, you need to confirm the reputation and hygiene conditions of the merchant before buying underwear, and choose a regular and guaranteed merchant to buy underwear.In addition, some erotic underwear may have harmful substances such as predators and hormones, and you need to check carefully before use to avoid harm to the body.

Participate in person to understand women’s needs

The best way to choose a sexual underwear is to personally participate and understand the needs of women.When women choose underwear, they can choose, try on and evaluate underwear with her to understand her body, psychology, and sexy degree and preferences, and choose on this basis.If you want to surprise women, you can give her vouchers and buy them by herself.In sex and relationships, respecting and understanding each other is the most important element. Do not force women to wear uncomfortable and dislike sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Although sexy underwear can bring embellishment and highlights to sex, when choosing and using, it is necessary to consider multi -party factors, such as women’s body, psychology, hygiene, comfort and taste, etc., and also need to participate and understand the needs of women in person.Instead of superstition and sexy underwear, it is better to work hard in emotion and experience, so that the trust, feelings, and psychology between the two are more in line with. This is a true good sex.