Sexy underwear with recommended women’s supplies

Sexy underwear with recommended women's supplies

1 Introduction

Interest underwear and women’s supplies are followed by the beginning of the Yi, they all exist to stimulate the human body’s instinct.A sexy sexy lingerie exudes an unparalleled temptation, while women’s products can make our sex life more colorful.Below, we will recommend some erotic underwear matching methods and women’s supplies suitable for matching.

2. Deep V red color sex lingerie + vibration stick

The design of deep V can perfectly show the sexy of women, and wearing red sexy underwear can make people’s heart jump accelerate.At the same time, with a vibration stick, sexual life is more interesting.The use of vibration sticks also needs to pay attention to hygiene issues. It is recommended to clean and disinfect after each use.

3. Lace even body sex lingerie + sex hood

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Lace even has sexy underwear is extremely sexy, which can fully show the beautiful figure of women.During the new crown epidemic period, it is recommended to match a sex mask, which can ensure safety, but also maintain the sexy degree of sexy underwear.

4. Butterfly knot sexy underwear + handcuffs

Bow is one of the classic elements in sexy underwear, which can make women more cute and charming.With handcuffs, it can further improve interest and upgrade sexual experience.Of course, when using handcuffs, you need to communicate and trust sufficiently to ensure that both parties can get a pleasant experience.

5. Cortex sexy underwear + mouthball chastity belt

Leather sex lingerie can bring a strong sexy atmosphere, while the poly -ball chastity belt is one of the accessories with leather sexy underwear.Their combinations can meet the needs of some SM enthusiasts, and they also need to pay attention to the security and psychological tolerance of both parties.

6. Tibetan sexy underwear + flirting oil

The sexy degree of suspender sex underwear is self -evident. With a flirting oil, it can better stimulate nerves and improve emotional and sexual desire.Note that when using flirting oil, take care of the other party’s emotions and safety to avoid accidents.

7. Pink sexy underwear + vibration ring

Pink sexy lingerie is a typical representative, which can show women’s soft temperament.With a vibration ring, it can not only reflect the intimate relationship between men and women, but also reach the common climax of both parties.


8. Net yarn sex underwear + water base lubricant

The see -through effect of mesh sex lingerie is very obvious, which can increase sexy.The use of water -based lubricants can better regulate the dryness of sexual life and improve the comfort of sex.

9. Black color sexy underwear + sm candle

Black -colored sex underwear is a mysterious tone, which can leave a deep impression.Of course, when using black sex underwear, you can use some special props, such as SM candles to upgrade the experience.But pay attention to the safety issues during use.

10. Fairy Tale Inner Underwear + Anal plug

Fairy tales are a fresh and lovely temperament that can give people a feeling of returning to youth.Of course, if you match the appropriate anal plug, you can achieve a different sex experience, but you need to pay attention to safety and the wishes of both parties.


Different erotic underwear with suitable women’s supplies can make sexual life more interesting and rich.However, when used, we must pay attention to safety and physical and psychological state of both parties, and maintain moderate communication and trust in order to achieve the best sex experience.