Short legs can wear sexy underwear

Short legs can wear sexy underwear

Women with short legs can also wear sexy underwear

Many women feel inferior because of their short legs, worrying that they are too exposed to wear affectionate underwear and dare not try.In fact, women with short legs can also wear fun underwear. As long as you choose the right style and match, you can show your charming posture.

Choose a style that suits you

Women with short legs can choose some exposed ankles and short sexy underwear, which can make the leg lines more slender.Moreover, it is also very important with high heels or nude boots, which can increase some visual effects.

Selection of patterns and materials

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Women need to choose the pattern and material that suits them according to their own figure and characteristics.If the legs are thick, you can choose dark sexy underwear, or use stripes such as stripes and horizontal stripes.

Short sexy underwear with high waist skirt

If women do not like exposed legs, they can also choose some short sexy underwear, with high waist skirts to show waist lines, but they will not expose their legs.This can show the beautiful curve of women.

Black, red, white are commonly used colors

Black, red and white are very common when choosing sexy underwear.Among them, black erotic underwear can highlight the sexy and charming of women, and red has a more enthusiastic and romantic feeling, and white is more fresh and natural.

Choose the right cup

When a woman chooses a cup of sexy underwear, choose the appropriate size according to their chest size.Too small cups will cause chest protrusion, and too large cups will look loose, affecting the visual effect.Appropriate cups can not only improve chest lines, but also make women feel more confident and comfortable.

The combination of sexy underwear and accessories

When women wear fun underwear, they can also show their fashion taste through some accessories.For example, you can match some jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, etc. to make the whole look more refined and elegant.


Appreciate multi -angle

When women choose sexy underwear, it is recommended to appreciate their bodies from different angles.For example, stand in front of the mirror to look at your back and forth, consider your body’s strengths and disadvantages from multiple angles, and then choose the right sexy underwear.

Confidence is the most important

The most important thing is that women must be confident.Only self -confidence can show the most beautiful self.It is a very beautiful thing to wear a suitable sexy underwear to show your sexy and charm.


In short, women with short legs can also wear fun underwear. As long as you choose a style and match that suits you, increase self -confidence, and show his beautiful body curve.