Shu Qi early sexy underwear Xiutu Youku

Shu Qi early sexy underwear Xiutu Youku

Shu Qi early sexy underwear Xiutu Youku

1. Who is Shu Qi

Shu Qi, born on April 16, 1976, was born in New Taipei City, Taiwan.In 1996, Shu Qi participated in the Taiwan beauty contest, won the championship and entered the entertainment industry.

2. Shu Qi and sexy underwear

Shu Qi has taken advertisements for many underwear brands, among which sex underwear is the most well -known.There is a video of her early sexy underwear show in, which is amazing.

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3. Shu Qi’s sexy charm

In the sexy underwear show, Shu Qi showed a very strong sexy charm, which made people shine.She not only has a perfect figure, but also full of self -confidence and charm.

4. Shu Qi’s underwear shape

In the fun underwear show, Shu Qi wore a variety of underwear, including lace, silk, transparency, and various styles of sexy underwear.Each set can show her beauty and sexy.

5. Shu Qi’s performance style

Shu Qi’s performance style in the fun underwear show is very natural and smooth, making people feel very comfortable.Her eyes, movements, and gestures are in place, as if they are a sexy goddess.

6. Shu Qi’s self -confidence performance

The sexy underwear show requires a lot of self -confidence and courage, and Shu Qi shows this self -confidence and courage on the show.She is full of confidence and calmly face the audience and the media.

7. Shu Qi’s acting career


In addition to shooting underwear advertisements, Shu Qi also participated in many movies and TV series.She won the Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress for the Film "Crazy Racing".

8. Shu Qi’s fashion taste

In addition to sexy underwear, Shu Qi’s matching in ordinary clothing is also very fashionable.She knows how to make herself beautiful and fashionable.

9. Shu Qi’s healthy lifestyle

Shu Qi pays great attention to a healthy lifestyle.She often exercises and fitness to maintain her figure and health.Her lifestyle is the best advertisement.

10. Summary view

Shu Qi showed a very strong sexy and charm in the early sexy underwear show, and also showed her confidence and courage.She is not only an actor, but also a representative of fashion and health.