Simple making sexy underwear

Simple making sexy underwear

1. Why make sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a underwear that can stimulate people’s sexual desire.For people with special needs, some high -quality sexy underwear is extremely expensive, and the style on the market does not meet their needs.At this time, making sexy underwear by yourself became a very good choice.

2. Preparation of tools required for making sexy underwear

Chicken heart ropes, ribbons, gauze, crystal beads, needle wires, rubber bands, bones, buttons, knives, etc. are tools and materials required to make sexy underwear.Taking different design as an example, some sexy underwear also requires special equipment, such as sewing machines, knot machines, etc.

3. Choose the right material

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Choosing materials is very important.The irritating texture requires excellent breathability and touch to prevent skin allergies.If you use yarn, bone and other auxiliary tools, you need to purchase raw materials with reliable quality.

4. Start with the basic style

If we have not yet had production experience, we can start with the basic style, such as short -sleeved T -shirts or long -sleeved tops. These design are relatively simple and easier to get started.According to your own body shape and design, the size can be adjusted to ensure that the underwear is combined and beautiful.

5. Safe size

When making sexy underwear, you need to ensure that the size of each part should be moderate.If the design size is too large, it may cause discomfort and even affect the beauty.Inappropriate sizes also cause damage to the body.For example, if the restraint is too tight, it may cause poor blood circulation and cause health problems.

6. Pay special attention to details

When designing sexy underwear, the details are very important, and the different details of the details have different feelings.You can match it at will according to your preferences.For example, special materials such as crystal beads, shiny diamonds, hand -made lace lace, and straw editors can produce better results.

7. Safety first

When making sexy underwear, you must pay attention to safety issues.If you use some inappropriate materials, it may cause irritation and damage to the body.When testing products, pay attention to quality and toughness.


8. Create a new style self -creation

When you learn the basic style, you can also create a style according to your personal preferences and needs.For those who like sexy underwear, this is an offline realization of their dreams, bringing unlimited fun and unimaginable satisfaction.

9. Share your own production skills and experience

When you make a favorite sexy underwear, you may wish to share the sweet experience with your friends or communities.Feeling that others will definitely make you more confident, and you can also receive some useful feedback.

10. Conclusion

Interest underwear is a beautiful item, and there is no need to be too complex and technical in the production process.As long as you have patience and hobbies, you can make your most suitable sexy underwear.