Simplified pen figure

Simplified pen figure


Interest underwear is a unique clothing, which can not only add women’s charm, but also meet the visual needs of men.If you want to draw the renderings of sexy underwear, you must first understand some simple painting methods. This article will introduce you to the painting method of sexy underwear.

Make sexy underwear outline

First, draw the outline of sexy underwear.You can simply outline the basic shape with a pencil, and then draw the edge lines of the underwear with a thin pen to gradually moisturize.

Painting the pattern of the sexy underwear

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Many erotic underwear have exquisite patterns, which is one of their attractive reasons.You can use a pencil to draw the rough outline of the pattern first, add some details to the petals or blades, and then outline the edge line of the pattern with a thin pen.

Details to draw sexy underwear

The details of the underwear are also very important, such as hook eyes, lace lace, chest pads, etc.These need to be painted slowly with fine strokes. Pay attention to the fineness of the details is the key.

Add the color of sexy underwear

The color of sexy underwear can be selected according to your own preferences, and you can match gorgeous effects with different shades.Of course, it is necessary to fill in color according to different parts of the underwear, such as red lace lace and black chest.

Materials depicting sexy underwear

Different materials will bring different feelings. For example, silk can make people feel soft and smooth, and lace lace will bring people a retro and elegant feeling.When drawing sexy underwear, you can use different painting methods to depict the effects of different materials.

Model drawing sexy underwear

After having underwear, a model is needed to wear it to show the effect.You can first draw a basic character outline, and then gradually add details, such as facial features, curly hair, etc.

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Draw accessories for sexy underwear

The accessories of sexy underwear are also important, such as gloves, socks, necklaces, etc.After drawing underwear and models, plus the appropriate accessories to make the whole effect more complete.

Details to modify sexy underwear

After painting, you will feel that there are still some places to modify.You can use a pencil to add a little shadow to the key parts to make the picture more realistic.

Improve the artistic sense of sex underwear

In addition to the above painting methods, other methods can also be used to improve the artistic sense of the picture, such as curve aesthetics, contrast, etc.


How to draw a good sexy underwear?It needs to solve the basic outline of the affectionate underwear, and fine color based on her pattern, material, color and other characteristics.After adding models and various accessories, modify the details of the picture as needed, and improve its sense of artistic art through different methods.I hope the drawing method introduced above can help you better draw the renderings of sexy underwear.