Sims Life 4 Sexy Lover Clothing

Sims Life 4 Sexy Lover Clothing

Why is the sexy underwear in Sims 4 so important

Among the 4 of the simulation life, players can freely design their own roles and homes.When you design a female character, sexy underwear is a very important part.Sex underwear can show the sexy and charm of your character, and you can also add various attributes and skills to your character.Therefore, in simulation life 4, it is important to master some knowledge about sexy underwear.


There are many different erotic underwear among the simulation life.The choice in this regard is very extensive.From pink cute sets to black sexy underwear, you can easily find your favorite style.In addition, many erotic underwear covers contain different styles of underwear, such as high waist, low waist, thong, etc. You can choose according to your role and preference.

Charm bonus

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In Simulation Life 4, sexy underwear can add various attributes and charm to your role.If your character likes to wear sexy sexy underwear, then her charm will gradually increase.High -level charm will bring more opportunities and benefits to your role, such as dating or working, so choosing a suitable sexy underwear suit is very important for your role.

Clothing style

In Sims 4, each character can have its own clothing style.If your role is a sexy girl, then suitable sexy underwear will definitely increase her charm and sexy.If your role is a motivated professional woman, then suitable sexy underwear will definitely make her look confident and success.

suitable occasion

Different occasions are needed in different occasions.Similarly, you need to choose the appropriate sexy underwear suit according to the occasion.If your character is leisure, you can choose a comfortable and cute sexy lingerie suit.If your role is going to date, then a set of sexy, bold and revealing a little mysterious sexy underwear suit is the most suitable.When choosing a sexy underwear, considering the occasion is very important. Wearing different erotic underwear on different occasions will make your role more popular.

color match

According to different occasions and clothing styles, it is also important to choose the right color matching.If your role is a cute girl, you can choose a pink or light purple sexy underwear suit is an ideal choice.If your character is a girl who is pursuing exciting, then it is very applicable to choose sexy black or red love underwear suits.

Gender choice

The sexy underwear suit is not only suitable for female characters, but also male characters can also wear them.Male characters can choose sexy underwear and pants suitable for them to increase their charm and sexy.

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Method of purchase

You can buy and match sexy underwear suits in different ways, such as shopping malls and online shopping.If you want to experience more different styles of sexy underwear, you can also choose to buy from a professional sexy underwear shop.


In simulation life 4, sexy underwear is an important way to improve your character’s charm.Choosing the right sexy underwear suit can bring more opportunities and benefits to your role.