Singapore sexy underwear brand

Singapore sexy underwear brand

Singapore sexy underwear brand introduction

Interest underwear is part of modern women’s daily wear, and it is also a way to express personal charm and sexy.With the changes of the times, the design and style of sexy underwear have become more and more diverse, and Singapore’s sexy underwear brands are loved by consumers.Here are several famous Singapore sexy underwear brands.

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Frou Frou is one of Singapore’s famous sex lingerie brands. Its design is inspired by fashion aesthetics in Europe and is designed for high -quality materials and details.This brand has a variety of styles, from sweet and cute lace jackets to sexy and noble hanging sticks, letting women find a style that suits them.

Purple pleasure people

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Purple Pleasure People is a brand focusing on sexy underwear design. Many of its works have won the International Design Award.The brand’s design style is bold and avant -garde, and reflects women’s personality and sexy characteristics to the fullest.


Bustier is a brand that provides professional corset and underwear. It brings together designers from all over the world to ensure the diversity and internationalization of design.Its professional corset design can provide women with a high -quality personal experience, and its styles are also many and exquisite, creating an extraordinary brand image.


Rockalily is a famous sexy underwear brand that integrates original design and unique creativity into every work.It has a variety of styles, with classic bra and underwear, as well as sexy conjoined jackets and hanging sticks.The biggest feature of this brand is that it is eclectic and will never be innovative.


Kissable is the sex lingerie brand in Singapore. Its founder is a woman with many years of underwear sales experience.The brand design style is simple and elegant, which makes it popular in the local market.

Aimer singapore

Aimer Singapore is a chain underwear brand from China. Its products are diverse and sexy.In addition to sexy underwear, the brand also involves multiple fields such as bras, underwear, heating underwear, and sports underwear. It is a brand that integrates a variety of underwear products.


Triumph singapore

Triumph is a long -established international underwear brand, and its sexy underwear is also popular.Triumph’s design pursues smooth lines and softness of thickness and integration, aims to create eternal women’s beauty.


6IXTY8IGHT is a underwear brand from Hong Kong, which opened a branch in Singapore.This brand design is energetic, young, fashionable, and affordable, attracting the love of a large number of young women.


Queenmark is a newly developed sexy underwear brand. With the slogan of "Queen", it provides women with a "sweet and sharp" design style. Many styles also have fashionable retro elements.The various series of this emerging brand can meet the needs of different female consumers.


The above are several famous sexy underwear brands in Singapore. Each brand has its unique design style and sales point.Whether you choose a dreamy lace bra or a hooked hanging stick, these brands will definitely meet your needs for sexy and personalized.