Slave erotic underwear novel collection online reading

Slave erotic underwear novel collection online reading

Slave erotic underwear novel collection

Sex underwear has always been part of sex toys, and slave sex lingerie is one of them.It is different from ordinary erotic underwear that it has the sexy elements of slaves and owners, which can increase the body’s stimulus.The following is a collection of some slaves sexy underwear novels for you to read online.

1. Red panty net socks

In this story, the heroine put on a set of red panty net socks.The other party was fascinated by her sexy.And what kind of slave sexy underwear is this?You can enter the relevant novel website and find out.

2. Maid dress sexy underwear

Exposed – Cupless Bow Decor Underwire Lingerie Set – 13876

Maid costumes are more common in various slavery underwear. It makes women wear it into a cute maid and can serve the host.This kind of sexy underwear is made of diverse, some are made of lace, and some are made of leather.What kind of feeling does imagination?Please take a look at the relevant stories.

3. White JJ Pants

White JJ pants are a transparent sexy underwear that can show women’s temptation elements.In the novel, the heroine put on such pants and became an endless sexy temptation in front of the man.Do you also want to try such a slave sexy underwear?The novel is waiting for you to see it.

4. The sexy underwear designed by the heroine’s privately designed

This is a custom slave sexy underwear, designed by the heroine.Generally speaking, it requires a high body for female owners.But once you wear it, the male owner can get infinite sexual pleasure.If you are interested in this sexy underwear, then this novel is your choice.

5. Black leather sexy underwear

Black leather sexy underwear is the best of slavery and sexy underwear. It represents the combination of sex and rights.In the novel, it is worn on the heroine, which makes people feel exciting and there will be an inexplicable sense of familiarity.It is one of the representatives of slave sex underwear.Want to know more?

6. Interesting underwear in lace skirts

This is a mixture between sexy stockings and lace skirts. It is worn on the heroine, humorous and full of sexy elements.It can make others feel the charm of the heroine.If you want to know more details, please move the relevant novel website.


7. Romance story of the heroine’s hero

Kai Di is a girl who can ignore.Her dress often surprises others.Since she puts on slaves’ fun underwear, it is even more dizzying.But her story is hidden behind this.If you want to find out, please visit the related novel website to learn more details.

8. Black DOG traction chain

This is a sexy underwear that men and women like. Women are wearing like a pet dog, which is pulled by a male owner with a chain.Throughout the process, the heroine will become desire and helpless, while the male owner can enjoy endless sexual return.Do you want to try it too?Related novels are waiting for you to read.

9. exposure sexy

This slave and fun underwear exposed the female protagonist’s chest and lower body, making the whole process full of stimulation and temptation.Such slave sexy underwear needs to be under high pressure, but once you put on it, the sexy feeling will make you unforgettable.Related novels have been uploaded, go and find out.

10. Leather restraint set

In this slave’s sexy underwear, the heroine was tied to the bed and gained unprecedented sexual pleasure.This kind of sexy underwear is very suitable for people who like SM tunnels, which greatly satisfies her wishes.Do you want to know more details?

In general, slave sex underwear is not suitable for everyone, but they are essential for those who like to explore new areas.Reading the novels of slave servants’ sexy underwear allows people to better understand their purpose and charm, so as to better enjoy the fun of sex.