Star -shaped pants Instead underwear show

Star -shaped pants Instead underwear show

Star -shaped pants Instead underwear show

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more concerned as a avant -garde, fashionable clothing.As the most sexy and challenging style in sexy underwear, buty -pants sexy underwear has attracted much attention.Not only has become a popular item in the fashion circle, but also under the demonstration of major stars, it has become a new favorite for many women.In this article, we will appreciate the show at the scene of the stars wearing thongs and pants.

Paragraph 1: Liu Yifei’s beads of chipped panties in sex underwear

The beautiful Liu Yifei once participated in a fashion show. She wore a piece of bead -oriented and pants for sexy underwear, which was amazing.This erotic underwear is made of high -quality material, which has delicate feel and fit the body.Bead decoration is more icing on the cake, making the underwear look more advanced and beautiful.

Paragraph 2: Yang Mi’s black thongs’ pants sex underwear

Lace Strap Chemise With Sleeves – Without Thong – 13881

Yang Mi has always had the taste of avant -garde fashion. In her choice of clothing, there are also some sexy and bold styles.She once wore a black thong sexy underwear in a public event, exuding a sense of sexy and domineering.

Paragraph 3: Zhao Liying’s pure white buty -thong sexy underwear

Zhao Liying’s temperament has always been sought after by fans, and her pure white -dhaye pants are dumped.Her sexy underwear uses high -quality fabrics, light and soft, fit her body, creating a comfortable and natural feeling.The white tone exudes a soft and sweet feeling.

Paragraph 4: Liu Shishi’s suspender panty pants sexy underwear

As a goddess in the entertainment industry, Liu Shishi is also very attentive to control her clothes.During a fashion activity, she wore a suspender pants and sexy underwear, showing her sexy charm.The design of this sexy underwear is very popular, with simple and practical characteristics, and the design of the suspender also makes the entire underwear look more delicate.

Paragraph 5: Zhong Xintong’s hollow -cut -shaped pants sexy underwear

Zhong Xintong is a vibrant girl in the entertainment industry. She has some unique and avant -garde styles in her dress style.She once wore a hollow -cut -shaped pants and sexy underwear appeared on a large stage. This underwear was unique, and the hollow design was even more unforgettable.

Paragraph 6: Zhang Liangying’s lace panty pants sex underwear

Zhang Liangying is a talented girl. Her musical talent also attracted much attention with her beautiful appearance.At her concert, she appeared in a motorcycle and wore a lace -shaped pants to show a sexy, bold and free personality charm.


Duan Qi Qi: Tong Liya’s printed butcheric pants sex underwear

Pu Liya is an excellent actress. In addition to her superb acting skills, her fashion style is also amazing.In a fashion display, she was wearing a colorful pants and sexy underwear. The printing design made the entire underwear look vitality and vitality.

Paragraph Eight: Zhang Xinyu’s red panty pants sex underwear

Zhang Xinyu’s shape on the stage of the party has always become a topic of fans.She once wore a red thong and sexy underwear appeared on the stage of the party. It not only showed her good figure, but also highlighted her confident and free personality characteristics.

Duan Jiu Jiu: Tang Yan’s pearl -thong pants sexy underwear

Tang Yan has always had countless fans in the entertainment industry, and her style of dress is also very beautiful and elegant.She once wore a pearl -shaped pants and sexy lingerie appeared on the public. The design of the pearls added a high -level sense and great temperament to this underwear.

Paragraph 10: Angelababy’s lace embroidered thongs and pants sex underwear

Angelababy’s appearance is beautiful and elegant, and the taste of dressing is also very good.She once wore a lace -embroidered panty pants and sexy underwear. The details of the details made this underwear look high -level, showing the confidence charm of her fashionable women.

In short, as a very challenging fashion single, the panty pants sexy underwear has an important identity and status on various occasions.Not all women have enough self -confidence and courage to go out wearing thongs and pants, but it is indeed a magical existence that makes women wearing it more challenging themselves and daring to express.