Stockings sex lingerie series AV number number

Stockings sex lingerie series AV number number

Stockings sex lingerie series AV number number

What is stocking and sexy underwear?

Stockings erotic underwear refers to the integration of stockings into sexy underwear to increase the sexy effect.Laces and hollow design are usually used in stockings to make women more attractive.

Precautions for choosing stockings in stockings

First of all, you need to choose a style that suits your body and skin tone, and secondly, you must choose a comfortable fabric and reliable brand.Finally, pay attention to the combination of stockings and high heels.

Bow Top Sheer Stay Up Thigh High Stockings – 7207


1. Heyzo-0810

This is an AV number about the female secretary wearing stockings and sexy underwear in the office. The lens is slightly naughty, but the heroine is well -made.

2. mxgs-890

MXGS-890 is a beautiful woman played by a model wearing a high-quality stockings and sexy underwear. With the exquisite production of the production, the man’s desire is pushed to a climax.

3. Wanz-766

Wanz-766 is a bit of AV number in the early morning. It has a perfect plot and a young girl in a young girl wearing night robes and stockings, which makes this work the dream of men.

How to correctly wear stockings and sexy underwear

First, slowly spread from the ankle to make sure that you will not hook the skin, and then pull the stockings to the knees.Next, hold the stockings with both hands and slowly pull it up until we put it on the root of the thigh.This not only guarantees beautiful appearance, but also avoids legs.


Washing of stockings sex underwear

Stockings sexy underwear must be washed separately, and washed with cold water to avoid using high temperature or even hot water. It cannot be scrubbed violently. It should be used to avoid the sun, and it cannot be dried with a dryer. This will reduce the size of the stockings.

Stockings sex underwear with inspiration

When choosing the color of the coloring underwear, it should be matched with high -heeled shoes and clothes. Black stockings can be matched with almost any color clothes. Light -colored stockings such as gray and white can be matched with light skirts and shorts.

The body maintenance method of stockings sex underwear

Clean, dry, and ventilation are the best maintenance channels.Do not store loose socks in a humid place, do not fold and compress for a long time, fully open dry, and do not tie it tightly in the wardrobe too tightly.

Recommended Brand

1. Wolford

This is a high -end fashion brand from Austria. It is famous for its high -quality manufacturing technology and high -quality materials.Its stockings are very suitable for high -end people.

2. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky, a brand from the United States, is a company specializing in women’s underwear. It is famous for its unique flower types or patterns. At the same time, its stockings sexy underwear also has the characteristics of women.

The aesthetics of stockings sex underwear

Women wearing stockings in stockings can not only enhance self -confidence, highlight their sexy, but also stimulate men’s desires and promote the sublimation of interesting life.Therefore, in the right time, wearing stockings and sexy underwear is a sexy and mysterious toy for women, and it is also a kind of encounter experience that men dream of.

The above is a discussion about the AV number of stockwear sex lingerie series. From choice to wearing to maintenance, these knowledge points are very helpful for the love underwear and lovers of stockings.