Straight men don’t like sexy jelly

Straight men don't like sexy jelly


Interest underwear has always been considered a sexy and eye -catching costume, but many straight men don’t like them.Why are these men who are not interested in this?This article will discuss several main reasons and explain why certain intimate relationships may not require sex underwear.

Reason one: I think that the sexy underwear is too pretty pretentious

Many straight men may think that sexy underwear is too pretentious, unnatural, unre practical, and not suitable for daily wear.For men who are unwilling to spend time and money to buy or wear too pretentious clothes, such underwear is an unnecessary expenditure.

Reasons 2: Different definitions of sexy

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Everyone’s definition of sexy is different, which is also one of the challenges facing sexy underwear.For some men, sexy is related to basic aesthetics. These aesthetics include mature body, long hair, high heels, and so on.For these men, complex underwear and accessories may disperse their attention to their body beauty.

Reason three: too "direct"

The sexy underwear hints very straightforwardly.And some men do not want to look like people who focus on material desires.Interest underwear may make men feel that once they express their interest in these clothing, they will be regarded as those who only want to have sex.For many straight men, this is the label they are unwilling to face.

Reason 4: Too dependence on visual stimulus

Sex underwear can make men rely too much on visual stimulation and ignore other sensory experiences.This may weaken the perception of men and affect their intimate experience.For these men, the experience of emotion is more important.

Reason 5: Security problem

Some men may feel that the sexy underwear shows too much their bodies, and they are afraid that the other person’s body will attract others.Interest underwear may make them feel unsafe, which is a factor that is difficult to overcome.

Reason 6: Historical issues

For some men, past experiences may affect their views on sexy underwear.Some people may have unsuccessful experience, and feel that sexy underwear does not help them much, which has lost interest.


Conclusion 1: Everyone has preferences and preferences

When considering letting men wear sexy underwear, it is important to realize that everyone has their own preferences and preferences.Not all men like sexy underwear, and no clothing is suitable for all men.

Conclusion 2: Create your own intimate experience

The most important thing is to create a close experience.This can be achieved by communication, hard work and creative interaction.If sexy underwear is not suitable for your partner, then you may need to find other ways to creative attractiveness.

Conclusion 3: Respect the other party’s choice

The last thing to remember is that respecting the other party’s choice in intimate relationships is very important.If your partner doesn’t like sexy underwear, respect his/her decision, don’t force him/she to do what you don’t want to do.Only when the information is shared and both are willing to accept the choice of each other can both sides create the ideal intimate relationship.