Sweekee sexy underwear female polar pollution temptation

Sweekee sexy underwear female polar pollution temptation


In modern times, sexy underwear is accepted by more and more women and has become a part of life.Among them, the shirty underwear is a sexy and exciting style.This article will introduce you in detail the trick of the robe and the temptation of its fascinating degree of extremely pollution.

Classification of shirts sexy underwear

There are two main types of jersey sexy underwear, one is a antique shirt, and the other is a jersey for football players.The antique shirt style is relatively simple, suitable for women who like classical styles.Football players’ shots are more modern, suitable for women who like fashion trends.In addition, the material of the sexy lingerie of the shirt is also more particular. It is mainly silk and cotton. It is comfortable to wear and is not easy to generate static electricity.

The shape of the shirty underwear

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The design of the shirty underwear is very unique, usually with a wide shoulder strap and bulging chest design.In addition, the length of the skirt is generally short, usually only to the middle of the thigh, making women’s leg lines more prominent.There are also some shirty underwear on the side of the underwear, which will also be designed to improve sexy.

Selection of the color of the shirt sexy underwear

The color of the sexy lingerie of the shirt is generally mainstream of black, white, and red, of which black and red are more common.Black gives a mysterious and charming feeling, and red is a vibrant and enthusiastic expression.White is more suitable for a soft and fresh style, and it can also show the softness of women.

Skill sexy underwear wearing skills

Sweetwear erotic underwear is more suitable for high heels and black stockings. At the same time, it can also combine fashionable necklaces, bracelets and other accessories to improve the overall sense of fashion.If it is an antique shirt, it can be paired with the weaving retro shoes, copper -colored necklaces and other accessories, which has a more classic atmosphere.

Temptation point of sexy underwear: chest design

The chest design of the jersey lingerie is a soft tray cup, which can make the chest "breathe", but also support the chest to make it fuller.At the same time, the cup type is triangular, and there are more parts that expose the chest, which increases curve beauty and sexy.

Temptation point of sexy underwear: sexy skirt

The skirt of the jersey underwear is relatively short, which is easy to show women’s leg lines and increases sexy.Especially in the athlete’s shot style, the split design of the skirt adds a unique sexy charm.


Temptation point of the shirty underwear: revealing design

Johoray sexy underwear usually uses a back -back design, which greatly increases bareness and sexy.Especially in summer, women’s skin can be more refreshing and breathable, making people feel a sexy and cool atmosphere.

Georring sex lingerie’s extremely pollution temptation: squeezing posture

Sweet -free underwear is a more teasing sexy underwear. Women can use a variety of different postures when they wear to pierce men’s visual nerves and strengthen sexuality and stimulus.

Georring sex lingerie Temptation: role -playing

As a sexy underwear with a special theme, the shirty underwear is very suitable for role -playing, increasing interest and stimuli.Women can play different roles, such as football players, female warriors, court women, etc., which strengthens the particularity and freshness of the playful lingerie of the robes.


Sweet -free underwear is a very fashionable and sexy sexy lingerie style that can meet the needs of women and make them more confident and sexy.At the same time, the playful lingerie of the jersey also has a certain seductive effect of polar pollution, which is suitable for stimulating sex games such as role -playing.In short, the shirty underwear is a very recommended sexy underwear.