Sweeper sexy jacket

Sweeper sexy jacket

Understand the shirty shirts

Sweeping underwear is a product that combines military elements and sexy underwear. It can also be seen from the name of this sexy underwear.Not only can it show the sexy and charming of women, but it can also bring a firm and confident at the same time.

Suitable crowd

Sweet -free underwear is suitable for women with confidence, temperament, courage to challenge traditional concepts.This kind of erotic underwear contains the elements of strength, courage and self -esteem, making women wearing it exuding confident beauty.

design style

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The shirty underwear has a variety of design styles. You can choose a style with military elements such as gorgeous metal hat helmets and shoulder chapters. You can also choose simple military green, camouflage and other styles.The strong design of the shirty underwear can not only add more personalized elements to the women wearing it, but also meet the current trend fashion.

Fabric selection

The fabric of the shirty underwear is usually selected with high bullets, comfortable, and breathable fabrics, and some styles are also made of imitible cortex or metal decoration.At the same time, you should also pay attention to the size selection of the size. Inappropriate underwear sizes can make women feel uncomfortable and affect the wear effect.

Wearing occasion

There is a lot of choice space on the occasion of the shirty underwear. You can wear it in sexual products stores, sex parties, sexy dance performances, etc., or you can match exquisite coats or clothing, wear dinner, bars and other occasions, highlighting the highlights, highlightingWomen’s sense of fashion and individual charm.

Maintenance prompt

The cleaning and maintenance of the jersey lingerie requires special attention. Generally, you should choose hand washing. You cannot use a bleach and dryer.At the same time, avoid long -term exposure to avoid damaging fabrics and decorations.

With suggestions

The sexy lingerie of the shirt can be paired with black or silver high heels, gloves and other accessories to make the overall shape more complete.In addition, you can choose to wear accessories and other accessories such as flowers to increase the sense of fashion and mystery.


price range

There is a big difference in the price of the sexy underwear on the market. The general price is about hundreds of yuan, but the price of luxury styles will exceed 1,000 yuan.Choose styles and prices according to personal needs and budgets.


When choosing to buy a shirty underwear, be sure to choose a regular sex shop or an e -commerce platform with good after -sales service to avoid being deceived by cottage or fake goods.And try to select products with suitable sizes, good fabrics, and complete tags.


As a product that integrates military travel elements and sexy underwear, the shirty underwear can show women’s confidence and personality, and is favored by more and more women.Choosing the right style and size, maintenance and matching can make you better have this sexy and self -confidence.