Swing stalls to sell sexy jackets

Swing stalls to sell sexy jackets

Swing stalls to sell sexy jackets

Drive to the source

If you want to sell sexy underwear, you need to find a supplier first.Unless you have factories or contacts, you’d better go to the source place to purchase.If you have a car, you can consider driving by yourself, so that the transportation cost can be saved.Make sure you have learned about each brand, model and price when purchasing.

Source choice

It is important to choose a source place. For example, there are large business districts in Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen and other places to purchase sexy underwear.There are also many formal sexy underwear suppliers on Taobao, but you must be careful to avoid being deceived.

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Determine the target customer

To sell sexy underwear, you need to determine the target customers first, which will help you better choose products and make sales strategies.Your client group can be young women, sexy girls, or couples, so different people have different needs. The key is to understand market demand and provide customers with customers and customers.

Purchasing goods

When buying sexy underwear, ensure the quality and applicability of the goods.You must know the material, size, style and color of the goods.Try to provide different product options for female target customers of different ages and figures.

Rational pricing

It is important to determine a reasonable sales price.You have to calculate the sales price based on factors such as your purchase cost, rent, and personnel cost, and maintain the price advantage during competition.Once your customer group is richer, you can gradually increase the price.

Formulate sales strategies

When you start selling sexy underwear, it is necessary to formulate a sales strategy.You can attract potential customers through strategies such as activity promotion and formulation of specific occasions.Carry out flexible marketing activities to increase exposure, attract more people’s attention and understand your products.

Store layout


On -site layouts need to meet the taste and preferences of target customers.The layout requirements can be designed by yourself, or you can learn from the layout plan of other stall owners.Use the display space as much as possible to display different types of sexy underwear and its accessories.

Good service attitude

Service attitude is the core of marketing.You have to maintain a good service attitude, with a smile, and you are ready to provide help at any time.Make sure you provide personalized solutions for your target customers, and respond flexibly when facing different problems and requests.

Carry out customer activities

Customer activities are very important for increasing customer stickiness.For example, buying surprise gifts, lucky draws, points exchange, etc. to increase the loyalty and strategies of customer shopping on your birthday on your birthday to promote customer consumption conversion rates.

keep learning

Maintaining new and learning new knowledge can make your business more successful.Understanding market trends, communicating with other peers, visiting industry exhibitions, and formulating new strategies are all good ways to enhance competitiveness.


The above are some suggestions and techniques for selling stalls to sell sexy underwear.There is a clearer and detailed understanding of the selection of supply sites, purchasing sexy underwear, determining target customers, sex lingerie sales pricing, marketing strategies, etc.After all, selling sexy underwear may be more challenging, but in the end, it is a good business choice that can bring benefits.