Taiwan’s sexy underwear exhibition

Taiwan’s sexy underwear exhibition

Exhibition overview

Taiwan’s sex underwear show is one of the world’s largest sexy underwear exhibitions, attracting thousands of industry insiders and consumers.The exhibition is held once a year, and the displayed products include various styles, styles, colors and size sexy underwear, as well as related adult products and services.

Display brand

At Taiwan’s sexy underwear exhibition, underwear brands and designers from all over the world will gather here to show their latest products and trendy design.For example, Victoria’s Secret from the United States, Aubade in France, Agent Provocateur in the UK, and Pierre Cardin from Asia.


The interesting underwear displayed on this exhibition has its own characteristics, from the classic black and white styles to the fancy printing pattern, from naval clothing style to maid costumes.In addition, there are various types of sexy underwear such as sexy underwear, open crotch sex lingerie, lace sexy underwear, etc.

Display mode

At this exhibition, sexy underwear is usually displayed in a real model.When the models wear various styles of sexy underwear and show the beauty of various sexy underwear to the audience, the audience can well understand the details and characteristics of each sexy underwear.


This exhibition brings together designers and brands from all over the world, showing the latest trends and design concepts.For example, plush lace, satin -colored underwear, etc. are currently popular trends.And the exhibition also revealed a new trend of underwear design -focusing on sleep. This style is based on comfort and health, and is sought after by many people.

Impact on the industry

The sex underwear exhibition is one of the far -reaching events on the global sexy underwear industry. Through exhibitions, products and design concepts have been widely spread.In addition, the Interest Underwear Show also promoted cooperation in different countries and regions, and strengthened the connection between people and manufacturers in the industry.

Reflecting social concepts

Interest underwear is a representative cultural product. It reflects not only the fashion trend, but also the changes in social concepts.The products displayed at the sex underwear exhibition are diverse, which reflects the attitude of contemporary society and the beauty of the body.

Highlight of the exhibition

Taiwan’s sexy underwear show is not only a place for product display, but also a place for communication and entertainment.Fashion performances, dance performances and game activities are often held at the exhibition site. In addition to showing the aesthetics of sexy underwear, it also brings a happy visual and auditory feast to the audience.

Public participation

Tickets at the Info Underwear Show are not only available in industry people, and ordinary consumers can also buy tickets to enter the exhibition hall.In addition to watching new products and presentations for watching exhibits, watching fashion display and presentation, they can also participate in various interactive games and activities.


Taiwan’s sexy underwear show is not only a product display activity, but also a reflection of culture and society.It has a profound impact on the global sexy underwear industry, and has improved in design, style and cultural value.This exhibition has become an important platform for promoting international exchanges, promoting cultural exchanges, and enhancing exchanges.

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