Taobao blocked face sex underwear model


Interesting underwear models on Taobao often block the face of personal privacy, which may cause misleading and confusing to consumers when buying sexy underwear.This article will explore the problem of Taobao’s facial features from multiple perspectives.

The problem of blocking model

Many sexy underwear models on Taobao will use face blocking to protect their privacy.But this approach sometimes affects the customer’s experience, because customers cannot see the true appearance of the model, and it is difficult to judge the quality and effect of underwear.

Customer confusion

When buying sexy underwear, customers will pay attention to the effects of underwear and whether they are suitable for their bodies.But if the model blocks the face, it is difficult for customers to see the actual effect of underwear, and it is easy to have misunderstandings and confusion.Therefore, Taobao stores should provide as many as -angle display and text description as much as possible to provide more detailed information.

The reason behind the face blocked

As a kind of private item, sexy underwear also needs to protect its privacy.In addition, some models are part -time personnel who take sexy underwear photos for Taobao. They may hold other jobs in real life and do not want to be recognized by others.Therefore, they choose to block their faces because of personal privacy and security considerations.

Laws and regulations

The Copyright Law stipulates that individuals have the right to protect their portraits. With their permission, others must not use or use portraits.Therefore, when taking photos of sexy underwear, models also need to consider their own portrait rights.In the case of a model blocked, it can protect the model’s personal rights and interests, but it will also cause trouble for customers.

Store’s solution

Facing the problems brought by face -blocking models, the store can provide more information by adding multi -angle display to provide detailed text descriptions and evaluation methods.Of course, stores can also seek suitable models through other channels to provide consumers with a better shopping experience.

Consumers’ choice

For sexy underwear consumers, they can give priority to choosing shops without face -blocking models, so that they can better understand the actual effects of underwear.Of course, when choosing a store, we should also take comprehensive considerations in other factors, such as the reputation and evaluation of the store.


The face -blocked problem of Taobao sex underwear models is not only a model for models to protect their privacy, but also a problem for consumers to buy experience.The store needs to add multi -angle display to provide more information, and consumers should also choose the right store.


Taobao sex underwear models need to be coordinated and resolved in many ways. It is not only the privacy of model personal personal privacy, but also a problem for consumers to buy experience.The store should maintain integrity and transparency, provide more information and choices, and consumers must also make their own choices through comprehensive consideration.

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