Taobao buying sexy underwear fraud


In this era, people are more and more like to shop online, especially buying various products on Taobao, including sexy lingerie.Among them, we must be alert to some frauds of sexy lingerie.

Low -cost temptation

Some merchants use low -priced temptation to deceive customers on Taobao.Their price may be much lower than the price of the same type of products, but the quality of these products is often much lower.

false promotion

Some merchants use false propaganda to deceive consumers, such as exaggerating product performance or function.These false propaganda may seduce consumers to buy, but in fact products do not conform to their publicity.

Stolen behavior

Some businesses will steal pictures of other merchants or brands and use them as promotional pictures of their own products, so that consumers cannot know the real product style.At the same time, some irregular merchants will also use deformed pictures, and consumers cannot know.

Low -quality material

In addition, some merchants use inferior, low -quality materials to create sexy underwear, making these products unable to meet the standards of comfort, safety and beauty.This will also bring hidden health hazards.

Unable to return the goods

Some merchants will sell sexy underwear that cannot be returned on Taobao, which means that consumers cannot get a refund or exchange, even if there are problems with the product.This is undoubtedly the psychology of playing consumers.

Fake problem

There are also some merchants selling fakes. They may disguise a low -cost product into high -priced products, or provide completely falsified sexy underwear.These products may even bring hidden health hazards.

Unauthorized sales

Some merchants will sell unauthorized sexy underwear brands on Taobao to obtain greater profits.This is not only suspected of infringing brand rights, but also brings risks to consumers.

Lack of customer service services

Some merchants lack customer service services on Taobao and do not respond to consumers’ consultation and feedback.This makes customers unable to solve the problem, and it is unable to point out the bad behavior of the merchant, and further harm consumers’ rights and interests.

Replace regularly

Finally, when buying sexy underwear, consumers need to replace clothes regularly to ensure safety and avoid bacterial breeding.Therefore, do not greedy cheap and use the same clothes for a long time to reduce potential risks.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear market on Taobao platform is full of danger.When you buy sexy underwear on Taobao, you must be very careful.Pay attention to the background, credibility and product quality of the merchant.In addition, consumers can buy merchant stores with good comments and transactions to reduce the risk of being fraud.

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