Taobao sex lingerie shop supply

Background introduction

Fun underwear is a sexy clothing worn by women, which is loved and sought after by female customers.Taobao, as one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China, has many sexy underwear shops, and sales of sexy underwear have become a popular business on Taobao.However, many erotic underwear owners are facing the problem of insufficient supply, so solving the problem of supply has become one of their primary tasks.

Supply channel

The supply of Taobao sex underwear stores mainly comes from two channels: one is domestic manufacturers, and the other is overseas purchaser.Domestic manufacturers usually open official stores on Taobao, sell their sexy underwear directly, and also wholesale to other sexy underwear stores; overseas purchaser purchases various sexy underwear abroad, and then post through international logistics methods.Cash on the country.

Comparison choice

For the owner of a sexy underwear store, it is not easy to choose which supply method.If you choose domestic production manufacturers, you will better grasp the production links and quality, and the price will be more favorable.And if you choose overseas buyers, the supply is richer and more diverse, which can better meet the needs of customers.

Domestic manufacturers’ strength analysis

Although there are a large number of domestic sexy underwear manufacturers, their strength is not balanced.For the owner of sexy underwear stores, you should choose large manufacturers with high reputation, high reputation, and excellent production technology, especially those big manufacturers who have sold sex underwear on the Taobao platform for many years. The supply is stable and the price is relatively low.

Overseas purchasing product analysis

For the owner of sex underwear stores, which overseas purchasing products need to be cautious, because some problems such as the production area, material quality, size marking and other issues not only affect the quality of the product, but also greatly affect the psychological experience of customers.

How to distinguish between true and false

To choose the source of sexy underwear carefully, we need to learn to distinguish the authenticity of the source.It can evaluate the reliability of cargo source through the reputation of the store’s store, consumer evaluation and complaints, raw materials and production processes.

Wholesale price and order quantity

Interesting underwear stores require wholesale supply, but the owner needs to pay attention to that when buying sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to the price of the source of the source, but also pay attention to issues such as order.

Time and after -sales service

Because the items sold by sex underwear stores are extremely private, and many sexy underwear is single -player size. Therefore, when choosing the source of the source of the sexy underwear, it is necessary to consider the after -sales service and courier timeliness of the source vendor.Essence

The importance of supply and demand balance

For the owner of the sex underwear store, whether the problem of supply is solved will directly affect the sales performance.At the same time, the management of inventory is also a difficult problem. The number of caches requires the number of cache at a appropriate level to avoid problems such as backlogs or shortage of goods.


For the owner of sex underwear stores, wholesale supply is one of the most direct ways to improve their sales performance.For the choice of supply, we need to consider multiple parties and fully weigh the various factors.At the same time, maintaining good inventory management, reasonable distribution of funds, and balanced supply and demand relationship can make sexy underwear shops develop steadily and create greater business value.


Should I purchase in batches or purchase one by one?This is a question that requires in -depth discussion.With the development of the sexy underwear industry, models and marketing methods are constantly innovating and changing.You should make the right choice according to your own situation to find a way of buying the most suitable for you.

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