Taobao sex underwear cannot be exposed to pictures

The reason why Taobao sex underwear cannot be exposed to pictures

There are many sexy underwear sellers on Taobao, but these sellers rarely show photos of actual wearing in the product display.Some sellers may play mosaic, or use more vague pictures to cover, making it difficult to see the real results.So why can’t Taobao sex underwear be exposed?Here are some possible reasons:

Copyright issues and Taobao regulations

Selling products on Taobao need to comply with various regulations.For example, Taobao stipulates that sellers cannot expose pictures of intellectual property rights of others.Interest underwear often has high shape and elemental creativity, so it is easy to involve copyright issues.In order to avoid copyright issues, sellers chose photos of unintelligible actual wearing effects.

Buyers’ personal privacy and security issues

Interesting underwear products on Taobao are generally more private and personalized.Although this is one of the selling points of the product, buyers may also want to buy the sexy underwear they buy will not be displayed publicly.If the seller publicly wears photos, there is a risk of leaking the private information of the buyer.

Sexy underwear wearing effects vary from person to person

Like all clothing, the effect of sexy underwear varies from person to person.The same sexy underwear will have different effects on people of different figures and different temperament.If the effect of the photos released by the seller is not ideal, it will cause the buyer’s expectations of the product to decrease.Therefore, sellers choose to avoid photos of public actual wearing effects.

Ensure product quality

Buyers often choose the sexy underwear they need through product pictures.However, if the seller’s publicly wearing photos is not good, it may cause buyers to lose confidence in the product.In this case, the seller chooses photos that do not disclose the actual dressing effect to ensure the trust and satisfaction of the buyer’s product.

Buyers can understand the effect through other channels

Although Taobao’s sexy underwear product sales page rarely has photos with actual wear effects, buyers can understand the effect through other channels.For example, searching for the same sexy underwear in the picture search engine, or the evaluation and sun -drawing of other buyers, these channels can help buyers understand the actual effects.

Professional model shooting effect is better

In order to make up for the defects of unrealistic wear effects in the display of sexy underwear products, some sellers choose to hire professional models to take photos to show the overall visual effects and creativity of the product.Such photos can not only show the selling point of the product, but also make buyers more valuable when choosing.

Product fashion and personality need to be emphasized

As a carrier of temptation and surprise, sexy underwear often has a strong sense of fashion and personalized elements.These elements may be difficult to reflect on ordinary clothes.In order to emphasize the sense of fashion and personality of the product, sellers may be more willing to focus on the creative shapes, materials and colors of the product, rather than showing photos of actual dressing effects.

The purchase of sexy underwear pays more attention to experience and surprise

As mentioned above, the effect of sexy underwear varies from person to person.Although buyers may want to understand the actual dressing effect of love underwear, for those who buy sexy underwear, it is more important to experience and surprise.Buyers look forward to the comfort, beauty, interests and sexy that they can bring to themselves and the other half after wearing sexy underwear, rather than just focusing on the details in product display.

Selection of sexy underwear is more important

Finally, we should remind buyers not only pay attention to the display pictures and advertising vocabulary of Taobao’s sexy underwear, and more importantly, choose the style and size that suits them.When buying sexy underwear, you can refer to the evaluation and exposure of other buyers, and you should also fully consider your body and temperament when choosing.

in conclusion

There are many reasons for Taobao sex underwear, which involves copyright, privacy, effect differences, product quality, etc.Buyers can understand the product’s wearing effects through other channels, choose the style and size that suits them, and also pay attention to comfortable, aesthetic, interesting and sexy experiences.Sellers can also make up for the shortcomings of sexy underwear through professional model shooting and other methods, and provide more beautiful and more valuable product display methods.

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