Taobao’s most commenting underwear shop

Introduction: Fun underwear sales leading shop

On Taobao, there are many sexy underwear shops, and the sales and comments are different. Today, let’s take a look. Which of the sexy underwear shops with the most comments on Taobao is.

Store Introduction

The sexy underwear shop with the most comments is a lady rabbit.

The lady rabbit is a sexy underwear store founded in 2014. It focuses on the sexy underwear and sexy underwear markets. It has successfully launched major platforms such as Taobao,, Pinduoduo, Tmall, and Suning.

Rich products

There are many sexy lingerie styles provided by ladies. From sexy lace underwear, suspenders, diamond decorations, and charming leather clothing clothing, it is suitable for customers with different styles and preferences.

Quality assurance

The ladies rabbit shop pays great attention to product quality. All erotic underwear has been tested and optimized by strict quality to ensure that customers can get the best product experience.

Cost -effective

The price of buying sexy underwear in the lady rabbit shop is very affordable. Compared with the same quality of sexy underwear, the price of ladies rabbit shops is more close to the people, and various preferential activities are often launched to allow customers to enjoy a higher cost -effective shopping experience.

Good service

The ladies rabbit shop offers seven days without reason to return goods, 48 hours of rapid delivery, after -sales customer service 7×12 hours of online services, etc., to ensure customer shopping guarantee from multiple perspectives.

Customer Reviews

On Taobao, the evaluation of ladies rabbit stores is very high. The store has received more than 7 million praise, and more than 99%of buyers’ feedback satisfaction levels are excellent, including various praise and praise language.

Excellent reputation

Due to the advantages of commodity quality, service, and comprehensive strength of price, ladies have established their own position in the sex underwear market and became the leading store in sales.The trust of many customers and the support of word of mouth have provided strong power for the development and growth of lady rabbit shops.

Order experience

The order is very simple. You only need to select your favorite sexy lingerie style in the page of the celebrity rabbit shop, select the color size, and confirm the order.Other after -sales service and logistics distribution are completed by celebrities.


On Taobao, the ladies rabbit shop is a love underwear shop that is loved by customers.High -quality services, cost -effective products, rich product types and excellent reputation have allowed this store to occupy an unlikely position in the sex underwear market.If you have a need for sexy underwear, you might as well come to the ladybu shop, maybe you will find a style suitable for you.

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