Taobao’s one -year sex lingerie sales

Taobao sex lingerie market overview

Sex underwear, also known as sex products, is an adult product.In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards and moral concepts, sex products have gradually increased in the market, and it has become an important choice for people to pursue fashion and sexual life stimulus.

Taking Taobao’s sex underwear market as an example, from January 2019 to December 2020, the transaction volume of sexy underwear products was close to 1.8 billion, and the number of users purchased reached 9.5 million, becoming one of the most popular categories of Taobao, and the market prospects were extremely broad.

Analysis of mainstream sexy underwear styles

Mainstream sexy lingerie styles are divided into corset, sex conjoined socks, sex stockings, sexy panties, sexy role -playing clothing, etc.


The corset is one of the most sexy underwear in women. It is unique in design. Some corsets are particularly suitable for sexy women.In the Taobao sex underwear market, there are many suppliers of the corset, with a variety of styles and colors, and the prices are also diverse.

Sexuality socks

The design of sexual socks is very unique and can show the perfect curve of women.There are various styles of sexual socks on Taobao, from simple black transparent socks to complex lace decoration.The size is also diverse, suitable for women with various figures.

Erotic stockings

Interesting stockings are sexy underwear, which is easy to find on Taobao, suitable for various occasions.The quality of sex stockings is available from rigid to soft, and can provide different sensory experiences.In addition, sex stockings also have various styles, including ordinary transparent socks, lace socks, and so on.

Erotic underwear

Interest underwear has various colors and styles like traditional underwear.However, sexy underwear is usually more sexy than traditional underwear.You can choose a translucent or transparent pants head to show part of the body, or choose the material with transparent or pattern to create a unique sense of fashion.

Interesting role -playing clothing

Interesting role -playing clothing includes sex sets, sex suspenders, sex skirts, sex jade women’s clothing, etc.These clothing can help people achieve a certain stimulating effect through role -playing and improve sexual quality of life.On Taobao, there are all kinds of erotic character -playing clothing to meet the needs of different people.

The purchase channel of sex products

Taobao is a very good channel for buying sexy underwear and sex products.There are many types of sex products on Taobao, with large brand businesses and small shops. The price and product quality are also different.In addition to Taobao, you can also choose physical stores or foreign online stores to buy sex products.

What you need to pay attention to when buying sex underwear need to be paid attention to

For those who buy sexy underwear for the first time, the requirements for size and quality may not be very clear, and they are prone to errors.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you should pay attention to the following points:

When choosing a product, you should choose a regular brand and long -term trading merchants.

Pay attention to the size, it is best to determine your size before choosing.

Check the material and label.

Check the supplies evaluation before buying.

Falling underwear sales and potential

Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear is more creative and characteristic in design and style, and has greater attractiveness to young people.The scale and growth potential of sex underwear sales are very large.In the future market development, sexy underwear will be an important category of goods.

Future trend of sexy underwear market

The development trend of the sex underwear market is mainly reflected in the following aspects: the market is continuously expanding; the number of varieties continues to increase; the material is diversified; the design style is unique; the product function enhances.

in conclusion

In short, Taobao’s sexy underwear is a very novel market. It has rich products, and sales and users have shown an increase year by year.I believe that in the future, this market will grow even more.

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