Temple of costumes in costumes

What is costume and sexy underwear long model

The long style of sexy underwear is a unique sexy lingerie style. It is characterized by injecting Chinese costume elements into sexy underwear and perfectly combining traditional culture with modern fashion.

Temperature of costumes in the costume of colorful underwear

High -quality silk or chemical fabrics are generally used in the long -quality lingerie in costumes. These fabrics are soft and comfortable, smooth, and have good warmth, which is very comfortable to wear.

The design of the long cost of sexy underwear

The design of the long costumes of the costumes of the costumes of the lingerie is derived from the traditional costume elements such as Hanfu and Tang costumes. It uses gorgeous gold silk embroidery, tassel, and beautiful patterns as the main design elements to create a sexy style of men and women.

The color of the color of the color of the lingerie of the lingerie

The color of the long -cost lingerie in costumes is mainly red, black, gold, etc. These colors can not only show sexy, but also reflect the charm of traditional cultural charm.

When is suitable

It is suitable to wear long -wearing old -fashioned sexy underwear on special occasions such as night, Valentine’s Day, birthday, etc. This kind of sexy underwear can not only add sexy atmosphere to you, but also ignite a strong love atmosphere.

How to match the long -fashioned lingerie long models

You can match sexy items such as see -through socks and high heels, or it can be matched with costume elements such as red camisole skirts to make you look more neat and beautiful.

Detailed processing of long -fashioned underwear sex underwear

In terms of details, such as gold silk embroidery, tassel and other design details, be careful not to be too complicated, otherwise it will look too fancy.

Turn in costumes of costumes in costumes and sexy underwear

You can purchase long costumes and sexy underwear long models on online platforms, women’s products stores, sex shops and other places.It is recommended to choose regular channels to ensure quality and do not greedy to buy unknown products.

Who is suitable

Everyone can wear the long -costing lingerie long models. As long as you dare to try, not to be afraid of others’ eyes, show yourself.

Views of the long -cost lingerie in costumes

The long -costing lingerie of the costumes is a kind of sexy lingerie style that makes people shine. It combines traditional culture and modern fashion elements. It can not only reflect sexy charm, but also ignite the feeling of love.Essence

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