The earliest foreign sex lingerie show

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a sexy underwear on the theme of sex. It can stimulate the lust and sexual interests between couples, and has been welcomed by more and more young couples.But do you know that the earliest sexy underwear did not appear in China.Below, let’s take a look at the earliest foreign erotic underwear show.

2. The sexy underwear show that originated in Las Vegas, USA

The earliest foreign erotic lingerie show originated in Las Vegas, USA. At that time, sexy underwear was sold by adult products stores. It was sold all year round and prevailed between old couples.But with the progress of the times, more young people have begun to pay attention to sex and interest, and sexy underwear has gradually received greater attention.

3. Bold theme and unique design

The sexy lingerie show is different from ordinary underwear shows. It is not only bold, but also unique in design.The artists use various methods to make sexy underwear more visual impact.At the same time, other art elements will be added to the stage, with music and lighting, so that the audience can feel a stronger visual impact.

4. The audience group expands rapidly

The fun underwear show is rapidly popular abroad, and the audience group has also changed from the initial adults to people of all ages, and it is also expanding.The audience is not only from local, but also many tourists who go to the show from international.

5. The stage shape and beauty pageant competition are combined into one

The sexy lingerie show is not just showing sexy underwear. Artists will also make innovation in stage styling and beauty contests, making the audience more attractive visual enjoyment.These innovations make the sexy lingerie show more diverse and enriched, attracting a large number of audiences to go.

6. Media enlighten minors

Since its inception, the Intellectual Underwear Show has been controversial and questioned by public opinion.Many people think that this show will guide young people to go wrong.In fact, foreign sex underwear shows are distinguished according to age.Minors are not allowed to participate in reward shows, and the media will enlighten and guide them, so that they can establish the correct concept of sexual sex.

7. Interest underwear show gradually developed in the country

Although sexy underwear is still in a legal gap in my country, more and more people have begun to accept the culture of sexy underwear and develop in China.Major artists and companies have launched their own sexy underwear to promote the spread of culture.

8. Finally, the sexy lingerie show is not the "culprit" of guiding the wrong concept

Although many people oppose the sexy underwear show, this is not the treatment they should suffer.Compared with the traditional concepts in the past, what is more fun and happiness in sexy underwear is not a concept of guiding errors.We should actively understand and accept this culture, and at the same time we should gradually strengthen the development of domestic interest culture.

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