The earliest sexy underwear show videos in China

The earliest sexy underwear show videos in China

As a special product that is different from traditional underwear, sexy underwear is very different from traditional underwear. Therefore, the promotion of sexy underwear needs to be used in different ways.In China, the early stages of sexy underwear promotion, making sexy underwear show videos is a more common way. Which of the earliest sexy underwear shows is it?

The content and influence of the video

In 1985, the Shanghai Oriental Model Arts Research Institute shot a sexy underwear show called "Oriental Mu Love", which can be considered as the earliest domestic sexy underwear show.The video includes more than 40 sets of sexy underwear, and some of these design styles are too avant -garde, which has caused some controversy.

Nevertheless, this sexy underwear show video caused a great sensation at the time, and it had an important impact on the development of the sex underwear market.This initiative not only mobilized the enthusiasm of many sexy underwear designers and manufacturers, but also promoted the emerging category of sexy underwear to the public.At that time, more and more reports of erotic underwear related reports and advertisements began to appear in the magazine.

The difference between traditional underwear and sexy underwear

There are many differences in the design concepts, wearable methods, and focusing on traditional underwear and sexy underwear.Traditional underwear is the main design concept of functionality, comfort, and aesthetics, while sexy underwear is mainly sexy and fascinating.Some sexy underwear products even use translucent fabrics to create a sexy and mysterious atmosphere.

Change of sex underwear market demand

With the development of society and the improvement of people’s material and cultural living standards, the demand for the sex underwear market has gradually increased, and such consumer groups have continued to expand.Although the production and sales channels of sexy underwear were restricted at the beginning, with the popularity of the Internet and the rise of cross -border e -commerce, the types of sexy underwear brands and products were increasing.The quality, material, design and other aspects of sexy underwear have also improved requirements.

Future development trend of sex underwear market

The promotion of sexy underwear is also continuously expanding and innovating.New promotion methods such as sexy underwear show, sexy underwear advertisements, and sexy underwear professional websites have gradually emerged, attracting more and more sexy underwear brands and manufacturers.With the continuous changes in consumer habits, consumers’ requirements for sexy underwear brands have become higher and higher, and the role of brand building and brand promotion has gradually reflected.

Quotation of sexy underwear

The way to wear sex underwear is different from traditional underwear.Interest underwear not only provides functions, but also focuses on interest.Interest underwear may not necessarily be naked, but for the wearer, revealing the picture is also necessary to trigger imagination. The important thing is the taste.You can properly integrate personality fashion, which reflects the uniqueness of interest.Can be highly personalized, break the taboo taboos of traditional underwear, and provide richer interesting choices.

Common sexy lingerie styles

Common sexy lingerie styles are: open pants, sex knights, thongs, sex cheongsam, bragles, mini skirts, etc.Each style has its own unique design focusing on and wearable requirements. Consumers need to pay attention to the occasions and wearables suitable for the style before purchasing.

Selection of sexy underwear

The material used in sex underwear is usually comfortable, soft fabrics or elastic fabrics, such as crystal cotton, lace, silk, etc.Although the color of sexy underwear is mainly black and red, some brands have gradually introduced other colors, such as pink, purple, gold, etc.In terms of material and color selection, consumers should choose according to their needs and body characteristics to fully show their charm.

Recommendation of sexy underwear brands

There are many sexy underwear brands in the Chinese market. Consumers should choose brands with good reputation and quality reputation when purchasing, so as not to have quality problems or not suitable for themselves.The well -known sexy underwear brands on the market include the wind and waves, Doris Rachelle, and the same.


As an emerging underwear category, sexy underwear has a large difference in design concepts, wearable methods, and market needs.In the process of promotion, sexy underwear brands and manufacturers need to continue to expand and innovate, adopt different promotion methods and strengthen brand building to meet the growing and upgraded needs of consumers.

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