The line on the sexy underwear you buy

The line on the sexy underwear you buy

More and more women have begun to choose sexy underwear to enrich their sex, including a variety of styles and styles.However, when buying a sexy underwear, you will find a lot of wired or loose heads on the sexy underwear.Today we will discuss this issue and see what these lines mean and how we should deal with it.


1. Cut the header by accident

When making sexy underwear, the manufacturer needs to suture several fabrics.They suture different areas with needle lines to build underwear or increase support in important areas.When the line head is cut wrong during the manufacturing process, or the needle and the line head are separated or broken, the line will be left.

2. Incant stitching

In addition to being subject to artificial errors, the line head on the sexy underwear may also be left because the manufacturer is close to the edge or did not complete the suture in a specific area when the manufacturer is sutured.

How to deal with the line head?

3. List a list

When buying sexy underwear, pick it up and check all the line heads on the underwear one by one.Record the problem in order to identify what needs to be repaired or processed.

4. Cut off the head

If the wire head is loose and inevitable, use a small scissors to cut it off.It is best to cut the head head with sharp scissors to ensure that it will not shorten it, which is more obvious.

5. Sewing header

For more serious thread head problems, they can be sutured.When the suture header is sutured, it should be sutured with the same wire and color as the underwear as much as possible to make the processing and repair more natural.

How to prevent the line head?

6. Check underwear

Checking whether the underwear is wired is one of the most important things on the day of purchase.Check all components to help determine which are intact and which need to be maintained or adjusted.In addition, you can also avoid buying a wired -headed erotic underwear, which saves many unnecessary troubles and troubles.

7. Use it carefully

During use, women can reduce the opportunity to form risks on underwear.For example, avoid decorative bands on pants to prevent hanging on underwear.

8. Gentle washing

Put the sexy underwear in a laundry bag and use a mild cleaner to gently wash your hands, which can reduce the chance of the risk of the underwear on the lingerie.

in conclusion

When buying sexy underwear, women should pay attention to the details of underwear. Among them, the header is an important detail.Through these suggestions, the situation of the line can be reduced, protecting sexy underwear, and helping them feel more sexual life.

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