The name of the shop for collecting sexy underwear

The name of the shop for collecting sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a special clothing. It is full of beauty and mystery, which can add points to our sexy and romantic points.If you love a fun underwear, it is also a pleasure to collect sex underwear for different shops.But do you know the name of the store in the collection of sexy underwear?Today, I will introduce the names of 8 to 10 sexy underwear stores worth collecting.

Sexy Angel (Sexy Angel)

This is a online shop focusing on sexy underwear. Here you can find various sexy underwear, including pajamas, stockings, role -playing clothes, and so on.There are many types of products, and they are loved by women.


This store has been active in the field of sexy underwear for several years. Their sexy underwear is not only novel, but also has a complete style.Whether you are loli, maid control or catwoman control, there are styles that are suitable for you here.


This is a very popular sexy underwear brand. They focus on sexy and stylish sexy underwear.They often launch new designs, and their sales strategies are also very good. The new products launched at each time they will cause great response on social media.

Victoria’s Secret (Victoria’s Secret)

This brand is the first brand in the United States that has launched sexy underwear and has a high reputation worldwide.Their erotic underwear has always been marked by lace and gorgeous design full of mystery, especially suitable for women who like to bring a little gorgeous atmosphere.

La Perla (Rapella)

This is another brand that focuses on fun underwear, and it is also a top high -end luxury brand.Their underwear is very good, and has a high -end luxury iconic design, which is loved by women.

Agent Provocateur (undercover)

This is a British sexy underwear brand, which is very famous in Europe and the United States.Their sexy underwear is often characterized by bright colors and cartoon styles.Moreover, they also launched a lot of sexy underwear suitable for couples, allowing buyers of sexy underwear to enjoy more fun.

Honey Birdette (honeybird)

This is an Australian sexy underwear brand. Their design style is luxurious and gorgeous. Women who like irritating feelings must not be missed.

Cosabella (Ke Samora)

This is an old -fashioned high -end sexy underwear brand. Their design is very sophisticated and the quality is also very good.Whether you want to find out the sexy underwear of taking pictures or the comfortable underwear you wear at home, you can find it here.

Feel good

The concept of this brand is to provide women with fashion -like sexy underwear.They combine simple and fashionable and design a lot of underwear that meets different temperament, which can be worn on different occasions.


The above is the 8 -story lingerie stores I recommend for everyone. Each shop has different characteristics.If you want to experience more different styles of sexy underwear, then you can pay more attention to high -quality sexy underwear brands. This is just providing some suggestions for everyone.No matter what style of sexy underwear, we need to match the right person to show our potential and sexy.

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