The story of the sex underwear shop


I am a professional consultant of a sexy underwear shop. I often receive a variety of guests. The \ n stories I encountered from work are also unique.Today, I want to share with you some true stories that happened in the sexy lingerie store.

1. The first time I came to the sex underwear shop

One day, a young girl came to the sex underwear shop, apparently she came to such a shop for the first time.She wandered in the store and looked at it a little, and I stepped forward and asked her help.Soon, I learned that she wanted some new underwear to surprise her boyfriend.After I helped her choose a sexual relationship with sexy underwear, she could no longer restrain her inner excitement and told me the truth:

Second, sexy underwear can change the mood

"Thank you for your suggestion. This kind of sexy partner underwear is really beautiful. When you come here, I not only buy good -looking sexy underwear, but more importantly, let me regain my confidence, and feel that I have become that fashion and self -confidence again.Girl, thank you very much. "

3. Sometimes speechless

The fun of sexy underwear shops always attract some interesting guests.Once, an uncle walked into the shop and said to me Xingchong, "I want to buy a set of sexy lingerie, but I don’t know which one to choose, tell me which one can make my marriage life more colorful and colorful.What about it? "I smiled awkwardly, and this question seemed a bit bad to answer.

Fourth, provide professional advice

"Don’t worry, just relax first, just be happy. Interesting underwear can’t determine your life too much, but it may make you more pleasant. First of all, I suggest you choose a comfortable sexy underwear, such as this" – "— Then I pointed to a comfortable and design underwear on the counter. "Next, you try to buy with your wife, so that she also has the right to speak."

Fifth, sexy underwear suitable for everyone

In sexy underwear shops, there will be many different styles and characteristics of sexy underwear, but of which, the most recommended is those styles that are suitable for all women.Not only can it bring a different sexy person with a better figure. For women who need to modify the waist and abdomen, you can also choose some high -style underwear to help you get different beauty.

6. Men can also enjoy beautiful sex

Interest underwear is not only exclusive to women, but also a male sexy underwear, allowing men to experience more fun and more excitement.Whether it is a gift or a purchase for yourself, the stimulus in sex does not have to belong to women.

Seven, sexy underwear is not just vulgar

Some people think that sexy underwear will be too emphasized and vulgar, but this is not the case.In the sex underwear store, you can see the carefully selected styles and details. These products not only are comfortable to wear, but also express the sexy and self -confidence of women themselves, which should be far from vulgar.

8. Respect your body

As an expert in sexy underwear stores, my responsibility is not only to ensure the satisfaction of customers, but also to remind some guests: please choose underwear carefully.When buying, you must first consider your physical condition and whether there have been similar sensitive reactions before.Choosing a underwear that suits you is the most important thing.

Nine, choose a size suitable for you

The choice of sexy underwear is very important for everyone.Sometimes, the correct size is often ignored.If the underwear is too loose or too tight, it will not only affect the sexuality, but also cause the underwear to slide or pull out the red marks of the skin.Therefore, be sure to order the size suitable for you when choosing.

10. Conclusion

These stories in sexy underwear shops are just hodgepodge. They are subtle and unusual, but they are very real and convincing.Through these stories, people can better understand why sexy underwear is so popular, and smiles to the sex underwear shop with a smile.Whether it is from stimulation or love, people can always discover the sweetness and companion sweetness here for themselves.

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