There is a root line under the sex underwear

There is a root line under the sex lingerie: isolation sweat to protect the lower body hygiene

The design of sexy underwear is diverse, although different, but there is a common character -the root line is underneath.This small detail design contains details that many people don’t know.This article will reveal the secrets of offline underwear from the following perspectives.

1. Isolate sweat and keep dry

Because the body exercise is large during sex, it will sweat a lot. If the sexy underwear does not have a bottom line design, sweat will not only penetrate into the underwear, but also easily penetrate the skin on the sheets.The hygiene of the lower body has affected.Therefore, the design of the offline underwear can be isolated sweat and keep the lower body dry.

2. Prevent pollution and increase hygiene

The design of the offline underwear can prevent the secretion from being stained directly in other parts to reduce the risk of disease transmission.In daily life, if the body fluid secreted by women is contaminated on sexy underwear, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause inflammation.Therefore, the design of the line can increase hygiene.

3. Improve the sense of dressing and avoid embarrassment

If there is no line of sex underwear, it is easy to have friction during the fun activities, resulting in discomfort.The existence of the line can effectively reduce the friction of the underwear, increase the sense of wear, and avoid embarrassment.

4. Fabric support to shape a sexy body

Interest underwear fabrics are often softer materials, which are easy to relax.The line is located on the upper part of the underwear, which can better support the lower abdomen and avoid sagging skin.At the same time, the role of the line is to highlight the curve and better set off the sexy figure.

5. Reduce the sliding head of the pants to prevent multi -dynamic disease

Underpants often have a lot of trouble for sexy life. The design of sexy underwear aims to reduce the sliding of the pants, thereby avoiding the occurrence of dynamic disease.

6. Avoid embarrassment and increase beauty

With the design of the underwear line, you can avoid unexpectedly wearing in trouble.And the design of the line can increase the aesthetics of the pants and make you more confident in wearing.

7. Reduce the possibility of unexpected exposure

Few sexy underwear design will be exposed due to personal conditions. In this case, the presence of the line can reduce the possibility of exposure and escort you in sex.

8. It looks more grade and more temperamental

The existence of the pants line provides more space and possibilities for the design of sexy underwear.The exquisite design and the perfect sexy lingerie will also make you more attractive and temperamental in sex.

9. Make the overall shape more coordinated and harmonious

Within the maximum allowance of the scale, the designer uses the design of the sex underwear line to adjust the relationship between the panties and the cloth.This can not only make the overall shape more coordinated and harmonious, but also better shape the sexy figure.

10. Viewpoint: Four the bottom line with both hands, how about you?

The designs of the offline underwear have an indispensable role from hygiene to aesthetic aspects, so both hands are in favor of the bottom line.However, different people’s demand for sexy underwear is also different. Therefore, when manufacturing, the designer will make adjustments in wearing feelings and styles.

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