There must be no fun shown in the live broadcast


Live broadcast in China has become a very popular social way.More and more people participate in the live broadcast, including some merchants selling goods on the Internet.In this case, many businesses will choose to wear sexy underwear sales products, but there are indeed problems in this approach. Let ’s take a closer look at the sexy lingerie in the live broadcast.

The phenomenon of sexy underwear in the live broadcast

If you often watch the live broadcast, you will find that many live broadcast owners will wear or display sexy underwear, and many sexy underwear brands will also choose to promote their products in the live broadcast.

Interesting underwear is inappropriate in the live broadcast

However, sexy underwear is not a good thing in the live broadcast, the reason is the following:

First of all, sexy underwear is a sexual product and does not meet the moral norms of public places;

Second, sexy underwear may cause some young audiences’ curiosity to sex, which is not conducive to their growth;

In the end, there are also relevant regulations on the live broadcast platform, which are not allowed to appear to wear sexual supplies such as sexy underwear.

The consequences of sexy underwear in the live broadcast

If the live broadcast owner wears or shows sexy underwear in the live broadcast, it will face the following consequences:

It may be blocked by the live broadcast platform, affecting your reputation and customer trust;

It may be interviewed by the authorities, involving legal risks;

Some audiences may feel uncomfortable, thereby reducing the number of fans and the number of customers.

The use of sexy underwear on other occasions

Although sexy underwear is not appropriate in live broadcast, it is still available on other occasions.For private occasions such as Valentine’s Day, husband and wife life, wearing sexy underwear can add fun and fun.

The guidance principle of reasonable wearing sexy underwear

If you want to wear sexy underwear, the following is some guidance principles:

Wearing erotic underwear needs to be used in private occasions, and no need to appear in public;

Choose sexy underwear suitable for your body and style;

Avoid being too exposed and sexy;

Pay attention to the quality of the clothing, do not use the impermeable material, and pay attention to the problem of hygiene and cleaning.

How to sell products in live broadcasts

Although it cannot be worn, it can still be carried out in the live broadcast.Here are some guidance principles:

Promoting products need to be prepared in advance and bring value to the audience;

Add some interesting content and dips to the market to enhance interaction and value;

In the sales product, you must make your brand image more kind and affinity;

Avoid the use of exaggerated words and manufacturing false situations to sell.

in conclusion

In summary, although sexy underwear is inappropriate in live broadcast, it can still be worn in other private occasions.In the live broadcast, we should pay attention to complying with the requirements of the live broadcast platform, and to strengthen our brand image and reputation when selling products.I believe that this approach is positive, healthy and interesting.

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